Matt Walsh Responds To Bible Eating Protestors Outside Monday Night Speech: ‘Your Choice, America’

Last night, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh was invited by the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) to speak at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

As any conservative speaker would expect nowadays, the event was met by groups of unhinged protestors who denounced Walsh and YAF as racists and bigots. All while doing everything possible to have the speech shut down.

Some of the protestors outside Walsh’s speech shred pages of the bible and ate them. Highlighting the stark crossroads America is at right now.

“Protesters have now shredded the Bible and one began eating pages,” YAF captioned above the footage below.

“Well, you can be on the side that eats the Bible and castrates children, or you can be on literally any side but that one. Your choice, America,” Walsh asserted before the event.

One woman was filmed belligerent stating, “white people… you need to realize the space you take up and you need to realize how hard it is every single f***ing day for bipoc (black, Indigenous, and people of color) people especially at this institute.”

Some protestors even vandalized a campus building that is dedicated to veterans, writing, “Trans women are women – F*** Matt Walsh and YAF.” 

“Today we saw an absolutely inexcusable act of vandalism on our most beloved campus building, which is dedicated to veterans, ahead of [Matt Walsh’s] visit,” the university’s YAF chapter posted, captioning photos of the damage.

“Campus leftists can’t handle the fact that we’re bringing a speaker to campus whose views differ from theirs because they’re used to being coddled by [UW],” the group added. 

Protestor antics aside, Walsh’s 30-minute lecture was part of the ‘What is a Woman?’ tour sponsored by YAF. 

“I want to thank also the leftist crybabies for the free advertising spray painted all over the campus,” Walsh said in his opening remarks.

The University of Wisconsin Madison, who was well attuned to Walsh’s scheduled lecture, released a statement just ahead of the event that read, “we are aware that a speaker is coming to campus on Monday whose viewpoints we believe are harmful towards the trans community.”

Walsh would comment on this statement, stating, “they’re aware because they approved the event.”

“They are aware of what they are doing, which is more than I can say for Joe Biden,” he added.

So while the same University that booked Walsh condemns the speaker for apparently harmful viewpoints, they refuse to denounce protestors who created a mass spectacle filled with bogus name-calling and property damage.

Sounds about right. 

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