Matt Walsh Speaks At Mississippi Bill Signing That Bans Trans Surgeries For Kids

Mississippi just passed a law that says kids cannot consent to trans surgeries. 

It is the latest state following Tennessee’s example to crack down on the “gender-affirming” child mutation surgeries plaguing the nation. 

During the bill signing yesterday, Daily Wire host Matt Walsh was invited to speak.

Walsh, who has been a major reason for this push by Tennessee and Mississippi to outright ban the “gender affirming” lie for children, said “we simply cannot allow this evil to continue.”

“We simply cannot tolerate it,” he added. “We who are decent and rational people, we who love our children, we who recognize basic truths.”

“Our kids cannot protect themselves. They cannot protect themselves. We need to do it. That’s our job as adults,” Walsh would later say.

As one might expect, mainstream media outlets like NBC News see this ban much differently. Weighing more on the promise of the leftist definition of “care” over the common sense version that says kids simply cannot consent – nor should they be allowed to consent to life altering surgeries.

From NBC:

Mississippi is one of at least 23 states this year to consider restrictions on gender-affirming health care for minors, which can include puberty blockers, hormone therapy and, rarely, surgery.

In addition to barring this type of care for minors, Mississippi’s bill also bans public funding from going to any institution or individual that provides such care to minors. Health care providers who infringe the law can have their licenses revoked. The law also allows minors who receive transition-related care to sue providers for 30 years after they receive care. The measure takes effect immediately.

Notice the phrase: “… that provides such care to minors.”

As Walsh elegantly laid out in his speech yesterday: “Many members of the media who have not demonstrated the slightest bit of skepticism, as the medical establishment has just told us over the years that it’s lifesaving care to castrate a child… the majority of the media goes along with that… all culpable in this.”

This bill is one giant step in the right direction when it comes to fighting back against the child transition lunacy. We need more states to jump on board.

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