McCain and Bush Backers Announce Super PAC to Keep Turncoat Justin Amash in Congress

Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI) was the only non-Democrat in the House to vote in favor of impeachment on Wednesday, and he is getting rewarded handsomely by the Bush and McCain wing of the GOP.

The Country Above Party PAC is led by Jeff Timmer, Rick Wilson, and John Weaver – three establishment Republicans who have devoted themselves to sabotaging President Donald Trump in recent years. Timmer was a former executive director of the Michigan Republican Party, Wilson was a consultant for the George H.W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, and Evan McMullin presidential campaigns, and Weaver was a top strategist for both of McCain’s failed presidential runs.

These globalist Never Trumpers see Amash as their new gravy train as he builds his brand of independent politics based on stabbing his constituents in the back and supporting impeachment of President Donald Trump. The new organization claims they already have over $1 million in pledges to help Amash beat his Republican and Democratic opponents to keep his Congressional seat next year.

“We believe that he has a chance,” Timmer said of Amash’s prospect of winning reelection. “But we feel more importantly that the integrity he has demonstrated deserves to have like minded people come to his aid. That’s why we’re putting our professional reputations and talents on the line to come help him.”

Weaver admitted that he does not “expect that any elected Republicans or Democrats will join” the effort to prop up the turncoat Congressman.

“However, we know there are tens of thousands of like-minded patriots — Republicans, Democrats, and Independents — who will vote in Amash’s Michigan 3rd Congressional District next November,” Weaver said. “They’ll put our higher national interests above those of any political party and support Amash.”

The three men wrote a joint op/ed in MLive on Wednesday painting Amash as the victim of the political equivalent of a mob beatdown from Trump and his allies in the Republican Party.

“We commend Amash’s devotion to putting his country above a political party at considerable personal political risk. We’ve spent decades at the highest levels of Republican campaigns, policy, and governing. We also oppose Trump’s corrosive envelopment of the GOP. Like Amash, we’re no longer card-carrying members of any party. The kind of courage and integrity he’s demonstrated are rare in politics,” they wrote.

“We alone can’t pull more firepower than Trump. But by rallying thousands of like-minded Americans willing to put their country above any political party, we can defend Justin Amash and defeat Donald Trump and his Republican Party henchmen,” they added.

By stabbing his constituents in the back and turning his back on his principles, Amash has made new friends in the old-guard GOP establishment. He hopes that the support of these disgraced political hacks will be enough to keep him in Congress, and perhaps help him wage a presidential run in 2020 to derail President Trump in the key battleground state in Michigan.

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