McCain-Loving Anti-Trumper Who Switched Parties is Running Against Pro-Trump Veteran for Congress

Democratic congressman Matt Cartwright’s seat in the U.S. House will be a race to watch in the 2020 elections.

Cartwright currently represents Pennsylvania’s 8th district, which has historically been a swing district.

Earl Granville is one of the candidates in the running for the Republican nomination in Pennsylvania’s 8th district.

Granville is an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran who lost his left leg while serving in Afghanistan.

According to Media Right News, the Republican candidate has ties to Meghan McCain and has a very positive view of the late establishment Senator John McCain.

One interesting point raised by Kay Williamson of Media Right News is that someone asked Granville about his party affiliation. “Team Granville” responded to the user inquiry “Mitch–as is the case with many combat veterans who serve various Commanders In Chief, and do not ask the party affiliations of the soldiers they fight alongside of in war on the right and the left, Earl has been quite forthcoming in saying he once was a registered Independent. But make no mistake, his conservative values are that of the R Party, he is a Republican, and is a strong supporter of the President’s America First Agenda.–Team Granville.”

Williamson then posted about the follow up that Media Right News made with his Facebook page:

Media Right News reached out to the Earl for Congress Facebook page and asked when Earl switched from Independent to Republican. The response to the question didn’t answer the question. The “Earl for Congress” Facebook page response (likely by a staff member) stated ‘Earl Granville is a Republican and is supporting Donald J Trump for President in 2020. We are focused on defeating Cartwright and the liberal left in Nov and are pleased to have the endorsement of Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy. –Team Granville’

And the story gets juicier when Granville’s page was asked about an Instagram post from election night in 2016.

Media Right News also asked about an Instagram post from election night 2016, that has since been deleted, showing a Facebook post and reads ‘Me: I don’t like Trump. Everyone: ‘So you support a liar like Hillary? She should be in Jail! Me: I don’t like Hillary. Everyone: ‘So you support a racist like Trump!? He doesn’t stand for American values!’ Me: I don’t like either. Everyone: ‘So you’re going to waste your vote on third party!? They’re never going to win!! Me: So…there’s no point in voting. Everyone: ‘IT’S YOUR DUTY TO VOTE AS AN AMERICAN! YOU CAN’T JUST NOT VOTE’ Literally our voting system in America.’

A source was able to send Media Right News a screenshot of an Instagram post from November 8th, 2016 which exposed Granville.

Granville appeared to agree with some comments which were made on his Instagram post from a Facebook post, where someone declared that they didn’t like Hillary Clinton or now President Donald Trump. Although the screenshot has been deleted since then, Granville staff did not deny the screenshot’s authenticity when Media Right News reached out to them.

The ambiguous response from Granville’s team leaves many questions unanswered and raises concerns about his sincerity behind supporting Trump.

Another candidate is running for the Republican nomination in the 8th district. Teddy Daniels, a former police officer, served in Afghanistan where he received a Purple Heart as well as a Combat Infantry Badge. Daniels sustained injuries during a firefight with the Taliban in 2012.

Daniels has expressed his pro-Trump beliefs without qualms. During an interview with Fox 56, Daniels said, “I will always stand behind President Trump. I’m a Trump guy… I’m not a political insider, Nobody has puppet string on me. I’m the man that’s going to stand by my values and fight for Northeast Pennsylvania.”

Groups such as Vets for Trump, NEPA Women for Trump Tea Party Nation, and Freedomworks have endorsed Daniels. Freedomworks generally endorses candidates who are most likely to join the freedom caucus if elected.

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