Media And Political Elites Are Covering For Trans, Anti-Christian Terrorism

In the aftermath of the horrific attack on a Tennessee Christian school that has left six dead, including three young children, the media is scrambling to avoid labeling the murderer as a terrorist. As the transgender community prepares for their “Trans Day Of Vengeance,” organized by the Trans Radical Activist Network, Americans mourn the loss of innocent lives due to trans terrorism in America.

A fanatic community that refuses to tolerate any form of criticism has been at war with the U.S. and Western culture for years. Extremists pushing transgender ideology have infected our schools and public policy with a radical belief system that attempts to remove rational thought from the public discussion. 

But the war that has made a mockery of our government and institutions has turned noticeably violent, as trans-identifying Americans are committing acts of mass murder at a rate much higher than other segments of the population and extremist rhetoric targeting those with differing opinions runs rampant.

The violent extremism growing on the left has been nurtured by those in our nation’s most respected institutions. From government officials cheering on acts of violence — or refusing to punish such acts appropriately — to the silencing of criticism by media and Big Tech oligarchs, the stage has been set for an intolerant, entitled and extremely small segment of the population to demand that the rest of America accept their delusions or suffer vindictive and punitive actions that range from harassment and loss of employment to violence.

While Twitter’s censors are targeting accounts that appropriately suggest the violence recently committed against Christian children can be called terrorism, the political and anti-Christian motivations for the inhuman murder of children is not lost on Americans who are paying attention.

The left has grown more and more violent, as evidenced by nationwide riots, bombings and shootings over just the past few years. And irrational transgender ideology has become intrinsic to their belief system. The media has run cover for their “mostly peaceful” violent outbursts while targeting those with opinions based on basic science that counter their delusional worldview, attacking them with censorship and harassment. Meanwhile, radical, anti-Christian rhetoric is permitted at an overwhelming rate.

Christians are the most persecuted religious group on the planet. And they face this persecution at increasing levels, with approximately 20 million more Christians facing harassment and oppression in 2022 than in 2021. A 2019 report ordered by British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt described the suffering Christians endure worldwide as “at near genocide levels.”

From the U.S. to China, from Ukraine to Israel, Christians are targets of discrimination and oppression. The attacks come from governments, citizens and international organizations that despise Christians. Yet it is the groups screaming the loudest about oppression, not those actually suffering it, who political and business elites choose to protect. And at the expense of America’s values, it is their agenda that they forward.

America is waking up to the clear dangers of radical trans ideology. The heinous attack in Tennessee was committed by a radical trans terrorist with anti-Christian sentiments; the terrorist targeted a Christian school in a conservative state that has recently taken action to protect children from dangerous and irreversible transitioning procedures; and many are trying to obfuscate the facts of this attack to make it fit their agenda. This tragedy is not about gun control or affirming the beliefs of the mentally ill; rather, it is an outgrowth of the rise of anti-Christian extremists and trans terrorists in the United States.

When asked if he thought the recent attack was targeting Christians, the head of our federal government joked and brushed off as unimportant the idea that young children attending school may have been murdered for their religion, flippantly responding, “I have no idea.”

Christians in the U.S. will do well to raise their voices and demand that they receive equal protection with those segments of the population our government clearly favors. If they join together in protecting their families, communities and country, there is still time to push back against those who seek to impose their will on all three.


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