Media Attacks Mick Mulvaney’s Salary, But Trump White House Saves Taxpayers Millions

Mick Mulvaney, Twitter

White House “acting” chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and his team are at the top of the pecking order when it comes to White House salaries — and deservedly so.

The mainstream media is targeting Mulvaney’s paycheck in their ongoing quest to disparage the Mick, even though President Trump’s White House spending cuts have saved the American taxpayer $19.8 million compared to Barack Obama’s White House at this point in the Democrat’s presidency. In that previous White House, First Lady Michelle had twice as many staffers as current First Lady Melania.

Politico reports: “The highest paid staffer in the Trump White House…It’s one of acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney’s closest aides and his de facto spokesman inside the West Wing, whose official title is senior adviser to the chief of staff for strategy and stakeholder engagement…Mulvaney also benefits from earning a higher salary as a West Wing staffer detailed from an agency. Technically, he is still on loan from the budget office and earns $203,500.”

Good for Mick!

The establishment treats Mulvaney much like John F. Kennedy’s great adviser Kenny O’Donnell, whom they referred to as a lynchpin of the so-called “Irish Mafia.” But Mulvaney’s results speak for themselves.

Before beating Jared Kushner for chief of staff, Mick already made his name in the administration for unilaterally firing the entire 25-member Consumer Financial Protection Bureau advisory board. His work as chief of staff has kept Trump more tethered to reality, popping the Washington bubble — unlike Stephen Miller, whose young friend Sylvia May Davis puts Bill Kristol white papers on the president’s desk. Tucker Carlson has established himself during the Mulvaney Age as the only rightful Fox News primetime adviser for the president, steering Trump out of imminent war with Iran.

Mulvaney helped Trump set the all-time record for longest government shutdown, serve McDonald’s in the White House, declare a national emergency to build the Wall, and veto both houses of Congress when they tried to stop the national emergency to build the Wall. Now, the Wall’s fate will almost certainly be decided by the Supreme Court — where Trump has placed two justices, just two of the more than 100 judges that he has successfully seated to the bench.

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