Media Darling Pete Buttigieg’s Father Was an Anti-American Marxist Professor at Notre Dame

Joseph Buttigieg — the father of Pete Buttigieg, the South Bend mayor turned Democrat fresh face being pushed as a 2020 presidential contender — was a hardcore communist who agitated for the destruction of the United States Constitution and propagandized students everyday, pushing his leftist, anti-American beliefs while teaching at the University of Notre Dame.

The fake news media loves the younger Bittigieg, and his father’s background supporting communism — an ideology responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of human beings — may well have something to do with their love affair.

The Washington Examiner broke the story that the elder Buttigieg, an immigrant from Malta, came over from another country to immediately wage war against America’s economic system.

Pete Buttigieg’s father was intently involved in the modern Marxist movement up until his death at the age of 71 in January. He was an adviser for the academic journal, Rethinking Marxism, where he helped publish articles “that seek to discuss, elaborate, and/or extend Marxian theory.” He even wrote an article celebrating the Communist Manifesto.

“If The Communist Manifesto was meant to liberate the proletariat, the Manifesto itself in recent years needed liberating from Marxism’s narrow post-Cold War orthodoxies and exclusive cadres. It has been freed,” he wrote on the 150th anniversary of the Communist Manifesto in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

He even attended a celebration in New York City of the manifesto in 1998.

“After a musical interlude, seven people read different portions of the Manifesto. Listening to it read, one could not help but be struck by the poignancy of its prose,” he wrote about his time at the event.

Joseph was particularly obsessed with Italian Communist Party founder Antonio Gramsci, who he devoted much of his career to studying. He served as the President of the International Gramsci Society, which was founded to “facilitate communication and the exchange of information among the very large number of individuals from all over the world who are interested in Antonio Gramsci’s life and work and in the presence of his thought in contemporary culture.”

Gramsci was an avid Leninist and a pioneer in the field of cultural Marxism, the strategy to politicize every aspect of society to better facilitate a communist takeover. The elder Buttigieg gave rabble-rousing speeches about the work of this obscure communist to gatherings of socialists while he was alive.

“Equity, environmental consciousness, and racial justice are surely some of the ingredients of a healthy Marxism. Indeed, Marxism’s greatest appeal — undiminished by the collapse of Communist edifices — is the imbalances produced by other sociopolitical governing structures,” he wrote.

Pete has made it clear exactly how profound of an impact his commie daddy had on the development of his political mind. He talked about his relationship with his father in his his memoir Shortest Way Home.

“The more I heard these aging professors talk, the more I wanted to learn how to decrypt their sentences, and to grasp the political backstory of the grave concerns that commanded their attention and aroused such fist-pounding dinner debate,” Pete wrote, making it clear how his father inspired his political career.

Buttigieg is making his deceased father proud now, as he runs an upstart presidential campaign in opposition to capitalism. With his breeding pedigree, it is far from surprising that the fake news is pushing him as a great white hope of sorts to take down Trump in 2020.

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