Media Downplays Trump Administration’s Peace Agreement and Shifts to Its Usual Trump Hate Programming

The Trump administration signed a historic normalization agreement at the White House with the Bahrain, Israel, and United Arab Emirates on September 15, 2020.

In almost predictable fashion, the media has ignored if not flat out downplayed the significance of such a deal. This is similar to how the media went on a doomsday fit when the Trump administration recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in 2018.

The Washington Free Beacon reported on former Secretary of State John Kerry declaring in 2019 that the recognition of Jerusalem would prevent peace efforts in the Middle East or spur further violence in the region. Despite this, the UAE and Bahrain still signed on to the normalization deal. Despite the accomplishment, the media is back to its usual Wuhan virus fear-mongering and attacking Trump for failing to contain the virus.

President Donald Trump and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu are of the opinion that other Arab nations will join the UAE and Bahrain in normalizing relations with Israel. This is at a time when Iran is quickly emerging as a regional power and is prompting Middle Eastern countries to form a balancing coalition against it.

“We have many nations ready to follow” and normalize relations with Israel, Trump commented. He added that “at least five or six countries coming along very quickly.”

According to Breitbart News, Oman is likely to be the next Arab country to normalize its relations with Israel.

These latest diplomatic accomplishments show the Trump administration’s willingness to use smart diplomacy to bring about proactive solutions in violence-ridden regions of the world.

This lies in stark contrast to his defense industry beholden predecessors who impulsively turned to nation-building and intervention.

The next step would be for the Trump administration to finally purge his administration of residual neoconservative/neoliberal influences and staff it with solid America First conservatives such as Douglas Macgregor to make his vision of foreign policy restraint a reality.

Like the peace deals, such a move would make the media go nuts. And that’s a great thing for America.

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