Media-Driven Hate Mob Forces Popular Detroit Tap Room to Shutter Over Discrimination Claim

Founders Brewing Co. has been forced to close its tap room in Detroit, MI indefinitely after being targeted by a digital lynch mob over alleged discriminatory practices.

Founders, the largest brewery in Michigan, said they are forced to postpone the release of their new Canadian Breakfast Stout beer in Detroit because of safety concerns. The fake news has created a witch hunt after a complaint was lodged against the company by disgruntled former employee Tracy Evans, who is African-American.

An extreme left-wing rag operating out of Detroit, the Metro Times, posted deposition from the ongoing trial earlier this week that started the fervor.

The deposition was leaked in an attempt to make Founders’ brewery look bad while Evans’ attorney attempted to grill Founders’ Detroit general manager Dominic Ryan to make him sound racist.

The text of the deposition can be seen here:

Evans’ Attorney, Jack Schulz: When did you first meet Tracy Evans?

Founders Manager Dominic Ryan: 2011, 2012. We had mutual friends before working there, so …

Schulz: OK, So you knew Tracy prior to his employment at Founders?

Ryan: We met a few times, yes.

Schulz: OK, are you aware Tracy is Black?

Ryan: What do you mean by that?

Schulz: Are you aware Tracy is African-American?

Ryan: I’m not sure of his lineage so I can’t answer that.

Schulz: Alright. Are you aware that Tracy is a man of color?

Ryan: What do you mean by that?

Schulz: No? Do you know … You don’t know what it means for someone to be a white person or a Black person?

Ryan: I’m asking for clarification.

Schulz: You don’t need any. I can promise you that. We’ll keep the record as is. Someone’s skin color. A white …

Ryan: So that’s what you’re referring to?

Schulz: Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah.

Ryan: OK. Yes, I know the difference in skin tone.

Schulz: Are you able to identify individuals by their skin tone?

Ryan: What do you mean “identify”?

Schulz: I mean have you ever looked at Tracy Evans in your entire life? Have you? That’s a … that’s a genuine question.

Founders Attorney: Objection. Argumentative.

Founders Attorney: You can answer.

Ryan: Yes.

Schulz: And did you ever realize that Tracy’s skin [is] Black?

Ryan: That’s not … I mean, is his skin different from mine? Yes.

Schulz: How?

Ryan: What do you mean “how”? It’s a different color.

Schulz: And what is the difference of that color?

Ryan: It’s darker.

Schulz: And that means?

Founders Attorney: Objection. Vague question.

Schulz: I mean, we could … This could be a one-sentence answer, you know. So by your … I guess your testimony is you have no idea if Tracy is a minority, if he’s African-American?

Ryan: I don’t know Tracy’s lineage, so I can’t speculate on whether he’s … if he’s from Africa or not.

Schulz: What do you mean lineage, from Africa?

Ryan: No. I mean, like, I don’t know his DNA.

Schulz: Have you ever met Black people who aren’t from Africa?

Ryan: Excuse me?

Schulz: Have you ever met a Black person born in America?

Ryan: Yes.

Schulz: And you were able … Have you ever met a Black person who didn’t tell you they were Black?

Ryan: Can you rephrase that?

Schulz: Is Barack Obama Black?

Founders Attorney: Objection.

Schulz: To your knowledge?

Ryan: I’ve never met Barack Obama so I don’t …

Schulz: So you don’t know if Barack Obama is Black? What about Michael Jordan? Do you know if Michael Jordan is Black?

Founders Attorney: Objection

Ryan: I’ve never met him.

Schulz: So you don’t know him? What about Kwame Kilpatrick?

Ryan: Never met him.

Schulz: To your knowledge, was Kwame Kilpatrick Black?

Ryan: I …

Schulz: You don’t know?

Ryan: I don’t know.

This leak sparked a digital lynch mob against the Founders’ brewery that puts their entire operation in jeopardy, as they may be the latest casualty to the cancel culture created by the authoritarian Left.

“We’re keeping an eye on things,” Founders co-founder and president Dave Engbers told the Detroit Free Press. “Right now, we’re just watching things pretty much day by day. We’re going to give some people some time off until we can make a really strong decision and we will open up again.”

The release of the new beer will still go as planned in Grand Rapids, where the brewery was initially founded.

The city of Detroit, which is perpetually among the most barren and crime-infested towns in the US, has banded together against the brewery with many different restaurants and bars in the city banning Founders completely to virtue signal.

“Until we hear something different from the company as far as them taking a plan of action to address some of the things they got going on internally within their company, we just decided not to sell the product anymore,” said Paul Maiale, operations manager of PJ’s Lager House.

“We understand that our vote is with our dollar and we want to spend that dollar with companies who operate with integrity and champion their community and their employees,” Brent Foster, a bar manager for Standby, said.

“We are choosing to no longer carry Founders products until the current situation resolves itself in a positive outcome,” beer store owner Tim Costello said in a Facebook post.

“We believe that businesses have a responsibility to rebuke racism, homophobia, sexism and all forms of prejudice,” said Dion Fischer, who owns the bar UFO Factory. “We strive to in some small way, reflect the history of diversity and magic that is Detroit.”

The digital lynch mob has declared that Founders is guilty in the court of public opinion. This is the future of free enterprise, where an enraged mob of hysterical low-information jackals dictate the rules of the marketplace, if the Left isn’t defeated.

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