Media Ignores Story of Chinese Woman Getting Attacked for Wearing Face Mask in New York

On February 3, 2020, a Chinese woman in New York was attacked for wearing a face mask in what appeared to be a racially motivated attack.

Paul Joseph Watson noted that the media hasn’t even bothered to cover the story despite its incessant warnings about the coronavirus instigating acts of racism.

The incident took place in Chinatown at Manhattan’s Grand Street station when a black man confronted and called her a “diseased b****,” according to a report from NextShark.

A Facebook user who identifed herself as Gin filmed the confrontation. She claimed that the man proceeded to hit the woman repeatedly on the head before escaping.

When the woman attempted to fight back, the man hit her with an umbrella.

“No one stepped in as she was getting beaten with an umbrella until I pulled him off. He ran out of the station shortly after,” said Gin. “I truly believe that wearing a mask in NYC right now marks you as a target. So please be careful, and stand up for your friends.”

Gin received various threatening messages via Facebook. As a result of the flood of abrasive messages, the woman took down the video and claimed that it was “NOT an excuse to be racially discriminatory towards African Americans.”

“The problem is ignorance, not an entire race! We stand in solidarity against ignorance, not against a race,” said Gin.

Indeed, it is interesting that the media have not covered this story.

After all, it does go against their politically correct narrative.

If a white person carried out this attack, we would have 24/7 coverage about the looming threat of white supremacy sweeping across the nation.

When an attacker is black or an illegal alien, you can expect radio silence from the media.

If the media wanted to restore its credibility, it would give these stories coverage and report them in an objective manner.

Is that too much to ask for?


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