Media Reports that over 100,000 Ukrainian Troops Have Been Killed In This Conflict

According to a Politico report published earlier this month, north of 100,000 Ukrainian troops, which includes experienced troops, have perished ever since Russia launched its “special military operation” in Ukraine. 

Russian-state media outlet TASS observed that the bulk of the losses have occurred in the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut (known as Artyomovsk in Russian). This has compelled the United States military to rush “equipment to the battlefield” and train Ukrainian forces “at a rapid pace.”

In addition, the Politico report noted that US Joint Chiefs of Staff Director for Operations Lieutenant General Douglas Sims announced that the US Department of Defense had trained over 4,000 Ukrainian troops since Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine occurred. Interestingly, Ukrainian forces received training on how to use Patriot missile systems at a US military base in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Indeed, the battle of Bakhmut is turning into a meat grinder of epic proportions. The Zelensky regime has to show the Collective West that it’s making some progress in its fight against Russia and is more than willing to send thousands of Ukrainian young men to their death. Should Ukraine decide to cut its losses and retreat from Bakhmut, it will be much harder for it to justify further deployments of Western economic and military aid. 

If there were sane political leaders in the Collective West, they would be doing everything possible to bring the Russo-Ukrainian conflict to an end. The best way to do that is to cease military aid to Ukraine, encourage peace talks, and stop NATO expansion. 

Too bad most leaders in the West are allergic to geopolitical realism. As a result, more suffering will continue in Ukraine, with the specter of a potential nuclear conflict continuing to loom on the horizon. 

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