Media Touts Man With Brand-New Confederate Flag Patch At Youngkin Rally in Potential Hoax

Corporate media personalities sought to promote a photo of a man with a Confederate flag patch on his back seen at a Glenn Youngkin rally on Monday night, leading some to question whether the man’s presence amounted to a hoax on the part of Democrats.

Photography of the man was first published by NBC’s Gary Grumbach, who photographed him from the press pen at the Loudoun County rally.

No photography of the man revealed his face. Often when “disinfo” corporate media writers target a citizen for harassment, they quickly publish every private detail of their identity- not so much this time.

It’s not clear if this man is a real Glenn Youngkin supporter or an agent provocateur seeking to provide the media with a narrative in a manner similar to the disgraced Lincoln Project’s most recent hate hoax involving fake white supremacists at a Youngkin campaign event.

Granted, there’s almost assuredly conservative-minded people in Virginia who identify with the Confederate flag and reject media narratives associating the symbol with naked hatred and extremism. It is suspicious that this individual stood directly in front of the media pool at the Youngkin event, and how he was conveniently touted by the corporate media. His Confederate flag patch seemed almost immaculate and new- as if it had been stitched onto his jean jacket that very day before going to a Youngkin rally.

There’s not anything wrong with wearing a Confederate flag. Only a handful of people associate it with the connotations liberals seek to force upon it, with most who identify with it seeing it as a symbol of southern pride. However, the timing and circumstances of this flag display suggest the potential of a dishonest political stunt for desperate campaign purposes. Polling has broken decisively in Youngkin’s favor in recent days, with elections analysts now favoring the Republican.

The Lincoln Project had pledged to continue dishonest political hoaxes after admitting responsibility for the Charlottesville-style hate hoax targeting Youngkin.

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