Mediaite Guy Is Not Happy That Bernie Sanders Used the Word ‘Niggardly’ in 1986

Mediaite writer and editor took to Twitter on Tuesday to complain about the word choice of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in a clip from 1986.

“‘I am not going to be niggardly about funding for daycare…’ – Bernie Sanders 1986,” Tommy Christopher said, quoting Sanders.

“I know it’s not a slur, but I’ve always wondered why a person would choose to say that word, when ‘stingy’ would do just as well.”

Niggardly is a perfectly good English word, though this reporter prefers parsimonious. Perhaps it’s uncomfortable for the middle-aged white liberal crowd wimps among us.

There may be an underlying motive for Christopher’s faux-outrage, though.

In his Twitter bio, he describes himself as a “ShareBlue alum.” ShareBlue is a leftist propaganda organization run by Media Matters’ David Brock (read: George Soros), which earned a reputation for being critical of Sanders during his 2016 run for president. They were team Clinton all the way, and they weren’t shy about letting America know. Who could blame them, really? After all, it was Hillary’s turn to be president.

Hitting political candidates for non-slurs used 33 years ago should probably be relegated from the political playbook, but given that I’m not in the business of defending that commie Bernie Sanders, and watching Democrats eat themselves alive is funny, perhaps we can let it slide this time around.

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