Medical Tyranny Set to Bring About Healthcare Bottleneck With Vaccine Mandates

An existing shortage of healthcare workers in many parts of the country seems set to worsen further with more and more hospitals facing mass layoffs and walkouts as a result of their vaccine mandates. Apparently, many who are closest to the science and best able to understand it are responding to the information represented, just not the way our wise globalist rulers wanted them to.

According to The Epoch Times, even a veteran nurse who works in the liberal bastion of the Greater Seattle Area laments the situation, saying that “It will be really terrible. We’re already understaffed,”. According to this nurse, around one in five workers in her health center do not wish to be injected with a substance so infallible that the FDA had to circumvent most conventional best practices to give it an official green light. Because that’s just how science works in the current year.

The nurse continues to lament that even with an official request for a religious exemption, her employer will most likely insist that she become vaccinated against a virus with well over a 99% survival rate for those under 70. Healthcare spokespeople have yet to confirm if they will recommend mandates against their employees visiting fast food outlets in order to bring their BMIs down to healthy levels.

Unfortunately, the nurse also admits that when push comes to shove, most of the holdouts will acquiesce to the demands of their now-tyrannical employer. This will inevitably be due to the financial hardships their families will face if one income is lost even temporarily, which also speaks to the precarious position most American families are in as a result of decades of wage stagnation. Having said that, “even losing 5 percent would be devastating to the community,” said the nurse.

Similar situations are being documented in many other parts of the country. Hospitals, despite already being stretched of human resources, are deciding to shoot themselves in the foot by making their employees take the covid-19 vaccine. It is quite a curious thing that a vaccine touted as such a panacea by our rulers needs to be forced onto people in order to make them take it, especially considering these people are relatively very well-versed in the intricacies of human biology. It also seems to go to show that situational preparedness is taking quite the backseat to medical conformity since hospitals risk pushing themselves closer to the breaking point by laying off those who do not wish to get jabbed. It’s almost as if there is an ulterior motive to this emerging medical tyranny. But our wise rulers have assured us that those are just conspiracy theories, so I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

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