Meet Congressman Scott Taylor: Globalist RINO and Anonymous Facebook Troll

Big League Politics has busted A “Republican” Congressman from Virginia using an anonymous Facebook account to troll and curse at constituents who speak ill of him on the social media platform.

“Bullsh-t,” replied “Scott William,” which is reportedly just one of Taylor’s anonymous Facebook accounts, when Facebook user John Steyer criticized Taylor for being a globalist.

But Steyer’s statements were right on target. Indeed, Taylor is a known globalist. He is in favor of a path to citizenship for illegals in the U.S. under DACA, and in September he spoke at a George Soros-sponsored event, the Global Citizen Conference:

“Good evening fellow Global Citizens,” he said. “It’s great to be here and an honor to represent Virginia.”

“Now is not the time to cut foreign aid,” Taylor said in his minute-long speech.

Generally speaking, fiscal conservatives do not support the proliferation of foreign aid.

Taylor took a picture with rapper Pharrell Williams at the event, rocking his “Global Citizen” t-shirt.

Soros is the globalist, open-borders ringleader. Most recently, he financially backed the migrant caravan from Central America that invaded America’s southern border. But Taylor does not seem to understand that dynamic. Here’s a post from his actual Facebook account supporting Soros:

But “Scott William” denies support of Soros:

A conservative Facebook group called Bacon, Books, & Bullets, called Taylor out for speaking at the aforementioned event, and Taylor got testy – even outing himself – using his anonymous account.

“Why would you post such BS,” Taylor asked. “The notion that I would support Soros or that this worthless blog is somehow true is horsesh-t. I spoke at a hearing yesterday with Democrats, does that make me one of them? Pretty weak logic.” He then signed the post “Scott Taylor.”

Taylor will undoubtably deny the Soros connection to Global Citizen, but it’s easy to connect the dots between the organization and Soros’ Open Society Foundation. A quick look at Global Citizens’ sponsors – who fund the organization – turns up organizations that have taken hundreds of millions from Soros.

UNICEF, one of their sponsors, took a $5 million donation from Open Society Foundation. Human Rights Watch took $100 million from OCF in 2010. The United Nations Foundation has also taken millions from Soros. The list goes on and on. There are at least ten more Global Citizen sponsors who have taken donations from OCF.

Seems like a strange event for a Republican congressman to headline, but our readers can decide where they actually think Taylor stands on the political spectrum.

At the Soros event, which Taylor is clearly defensive about on Facebook, the band Green Day played a rendition of their song “American Idiot,” changing some of the lyrics:

“I’m not a part of the redneck agenda… I’m not a part of a dumb Trump America,” the band’s new rendition says.

“Scott Taylor says he’s a Republican,” said Taylor’s Republican primary opponent Mary Jones in a radio spot. “So what’s he doing addressing a George Soros Conference? Virginians don’t back Soros’s Godless leftist agenda of open-borders, Common Core, the progressive welfare state and turning our military into social workers. Virginia needs a conservative voice in Congress who will put America first. Mary Jones for Congress.”

According to people familiar with Taylor’s Facebook usage, he has used multiple anonymous accounts other than “Scott William.” He has used the aliases “Scott James,” “Willam James,” and “Zachary James,” though those accounts have been de-activated.

Another source told Big League Politics that Taylor sent him menacing messages using the account of a relative during a time in which Taylor’s Navy service record was in question, saying that it’s par for the course for Taylor, whom the source described as “petty” and “vindictive.”

Big League Politics reached out to Taylor for comment, but he did not respond. Perhaps we’ll try one of his Facebook accounts.

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