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Meet Google’s Deep State Policy Manipulator



In the recent months, we have seen many concerns of Big Tech companies attacking voices that go against the MSM accepted Narrative. Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google/YouTube making it very obvious that any expression of thought, discussion, post, tweet, blog or video that challenges, debunks or goes against Main Stream Media or left narrative are “dangerous”.

Many say, it’s because they are left leaning which is impossible to disagree with but are they simply leaning or actually run by deep state and former Obama operatives?

This investigative series will show you exactly WHO is in charge of “Public Policy” for these giants and we begin with Google/YouTube on the heels of the massive blatant attack on our First Amendment and their shameless, arrogant position against Alex Jones and Infowars.

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What does a Director of Public Policy do?

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This is a position in all major companies in all markets including tech because communications between private sector and public Sector are imperative for any business to thrive.

“It’s important that for a company to thrive in a polar political environment that private companies stay centered to and that is the job of the Director of Public Policy” said the CEO of JUMBO enterprises in a recent conference in Europe discussing political influence on Chinese trade and Europe.

Last week BLP published CASE LAW: Big Tech Companies Are Government Contractors, So Suppressing Free Speech Is Illegal  which demonstrates just how blurred the lines of suppressing speech and in actuality, being discriminatory against certain speech. Conservatives, patriots, supporters of the President and anyone who supports the America First policies being implemented by the President are silence.

In January 2016, the Verge wrote an article titled  “The Revolving Door between Google and the White House continues to spin” . This, in my opinion, was one of the last independent non-conforming pieces the Verge published. I applauded and shared it online, but it wasn’t widely circulated. The reasons why it wasn’t spread will be come very apparent by the end of this article.

Specifically the Verge writes:

Notable swaps between Google and the White House in the past have included Megan Smith, who left the tech company in 2014 to become chief technology officer of the United States; and Andrew McLaughlin, who was Google’s head of global public policy until becoming the White House’s deputy chief technology officer in 2009. And of course, this back and forth isn’t limited to Google: in August 2014, Obama’s top political strategist David Plouffe, who managed the 2008 presidential campaign, became Uber’s senior vice president of policy and strategy. And in February last year, former White House press secretary Jay Carney was hired to be Amazon’s senior vice president for global corporate affairs.

Meet Caroline Atkinson, Global Public Affairs Director at Google:

Caroline Atkinson joined Google in March 2016, which happened to coincide with search functions of Google came into question suppressing any searches about failed Presidential candidate Clinton’s questionable email scandals, history and statements. It was during that time that people began to notice considerable changes happened with Google and their search results. Now in 2018 it is VERY apparent that their search engine doesn’t auto populate suggestions by popular search but specific bias statements.

Here is where a full picture of the Global Public Affairs Director of Google is necessary. Atkinson, joined Google after leaving her role as the Deputy National Security Advisor to the Obama Administration who also has NO Wikipedia page which is odd considering she is such a prominent political figure and a big wig for Google.

“Caroline is respected around the world for her understanding of how the global economy works, her tireless efforts to promote strong, balanced and sustainable growth and her experience in managing international financial crises,” said former President Barack Hussein Obama in his White House Announcement of her appointment as Deputy National Security Advisor

Atkinson has a background that is important to consider, especially her ties to the IMF.  On July 6, 2018 BLP published an article exposing the IMF titled “Why the IMF is the Biggest Bully on the Planet” . As explained in the article, the IMF is as global organization that dictates trade, trends and currency manipulation, something President Trump did not tolerate or accept when he refused to sign the Communique in the last G7 Summit. Our President rejected an external entity dictating America’s economy and a few shorts weeks later, his trade warfare is paying off by creating more jobs and boosting the economy like no other!

Atkinson is an Oxford University grad, worked as a journalist for the usual MSM suspects like the Washington Post, before moving on to The Economist, and the Times of London but transitioned into banking at the Bank of England. After her time there, she landed a senior executive role at the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

Keep in mind, the IMF trades in their OWN currency which is based on the debt of a currency. The more debt a country has the more “expensive” that currency will be. The IMF is the market manipulator, the global market puppeteer that can crush a whole nation with a simple trade.

Since her appointment as the Global Public Affairs Policy Director for Google/YouTube, Atkinson has been virtually missing. Let that sink in. She is someone has advised many Fortune 500 companies on global business and economic issues. She has been the Former Chair, Global Economics Roundtable, Council on Foreign Relations. Former Vice-Chair of the Board, International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), dedicated to research and data-based solutions to improve the lives of women and girls in developing countries. Why is she completely off the radar?

I have repeatedly said, we have all we need. The past always proves the future and Atkinson’s past illustrates a person that literally sets the tone for public relations between governments and Google/YouTube globally with a flair of #DeepState. This is likely why they are refusing to come to Washington and testify.

Deep State

Federal Court to Re-Examine Michael Flynn’s Case After Request From Democrat-Appointed Judge

This seems highly improper.



U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan is trying to revive the federal case against General Michael Flynn weeks after it was officially dismissed.

According to the Washington Post, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has decided to revisit the Department of Justice’s decision to drop the case at Sullivan’s behest. Sullivan has been on a crusade against Flynn for months, which Flynn’s attorneys claim is politically motivated. He was appointed to the bench by former President Bill Clinton.

“The district court has hijacked and extended a criminal prosecution for almost three months for its own purposes,” Flynn attorneys Sidney Powell and Jesse Binnall told the court.

“To allow Judge Sullivan to delay and generate litigation against a criminal defendant is unconstitutional,” they added, because the “Executive Branch has exclusive authority and absolute discretion to decide whether to prosecute a case.”

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  • RIOTS: Who do you blame for the violence on America's streets?

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Sullivan has failed in other attempts to keep the case going, which have included appealing to a retired federal judge and retaining a high-profile trial lawyer. He has let his objectivity slip with his aggressive lobbying campaign against Flynn, who was able to narrowly escape the deep state railroading against him.

Big League Politics has reported on how the feds collaborated to set up Gen. Flynn over the course of their phony Russia-gate investigation:

New unsealed FBI notes on the planned interrogation of Michael Flynn suggest a questionable intent to the investigation of the then-White House National Security Advisor and retired general.

The notes, which preceded the January 24th, 2017 interview of Flynn, suggest the investigating FBI agents were more interested in tripping up Flynn in a lie than in genuinely investigating the National Security Advisor’s negotiations with Russia during the White House transition period preceding President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Additional notes on the matter suggest that the FBI agents involved in the case were cautious of White House oversight…

FBI agents question openly if they’re trying to investigate Flynn for negotiating potential sanctions relief with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, or if they’re simply trying to trip him up in a lie for them to charge him with. Flynn was ultimately forced to resign as White House National Security Advisor and charged with lying to the FBI as a result of the January 2017 interview.

Flynn has merely been charged with process crimes. He was never charged with violations of the Logan Act, which restricts civilians from negotiating with foreign governments on behalf of the United States without authorization.

The retired general recently announced he’d seek to change his guilty plea to the charges to not guilty, citing a legal team that shoehorned him into making the plea. If so, Flynn could potentially bring up the questionable FBI game plan going into his interview as an argument for the agency’s impropriety in investigating him.

The deep state is obviously bitter that their plan to destroy Flynn’s life failed. Sullivan should be impeached, or worse, for abusing his power so brazenly.

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