Meet The Charlotte Antifa Leader Who Pepper-Sprayed A Gay Trump Supporter

Maegan Michele Severt, who is a leader with an antifa group in Charlotte, North Carolina, is well-known for two things: Pepper-spraying a gay Trump supporter and overdosing on heroin while raising her two year old daughter. In the words of Donald Trump, “such a nasty woman.”

Apparently she has been clean and off drugs since 2015, according to her own statements, but multiple sources claim that a number of her close friends and family are active heroin users.

Severt recently came into the spotlight after being seen pepper-spraying the leader of the pro-LGBT and Trump group Deplorable Pride, Brian Talbert. Talbert and Deplorable Pride were protesting recent comments and actions made by Charlotte Democrat Council members. On their event page they specifically point out Councilwoman Dimple Ajmera stating that Trump supporters shouldn’t be allowed to serve on the City Council, and Councilwoman LaWana Mayfield supporting 9/11 conspiracy theories.

At the protest, a supporter of Deplorable Pride attempted to extend an olive branch to a group of left-wing counter-protesters stationed across the street by offering them water. He in turn had that water thrown on him by the leftists he handed it to. Seeing this happen, Brian Talbert crossed the road in support of his friend.

As video provided by Deplorable Pride shows, Talbert was peacefully standing his ground while being screamed at by left-wing protesters when one them pushed him. That man, identified as Ryan Joseph Dugan, was subsequently arrested.

After the arrest of Talbert’s attacker, a mask-wearing Maegan Severt pepper-sprayed Talbert. In response the gay Trump supporter defended himself, and was arrested for assault on a female. These events are confirmed by reporting from Fox 46 in Charlotte:

Brian Talbert, 48, founder of Deplorable Pride, was arrested and charged with assault on a female. Prior to his arrest, someone on the opposing side assaulted him with pepper spray. He did not require medical attention. 

Talbert and the rest of Deplorable Pride contend that he was acting in pure self-defense, and that the pepper-spraying initiator Maegan Severt should have been arrested instead. Talbert is insistent that he will prove his innocence in court.

The video of the incident can be seen here:

After the incident, Severt attempted to ‘friend’ Talbert on Facebook. Since then, Talbert has put her on blast for her actions, leading towards extreme harassment against Deplorable Pride. As can be seen in the screenshot below, Maegan Severt’s mother sent an unhinged message which mirrors what I’d imagine a heroin junkie would type like to Talbert.

As can be seen, she mocks Talbert for being pepper-sprayed by her daughter, and then threatens to punch him in the eye.

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