Meet the Conservative Inc. Operatives Behind the Texas GOP’s Pathetic Betrayal of Digital Free Speech

On Saturday, the Texas Republican Party voted to delete their account on the pro-1st Amendment social media platform Gab by a 35-25 margin.

Texas GOP chair Allen West and his loyalists fought on behalf of free speech, but ultimately the Texas state Republican executive committee refused to stand against Big Tech hegemony. 

Operatives who lobbied for the Texas GOP to oppose digital free speech include members of the Texas Republican Initiative (TRI), a newly-formed Conservative Inc. organization designed to undermine the nascent America First wing of the party.

Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak, Cameron County GOP Chairwoman Morgan Cisneros Graham, and Texas Republican Initiative chairman Mark McCaig gloated over the news following the vote:

The TRI has emerged as a shadow entity of sorts to prevent West’s populist approach in leadership from taking hold over the state party. 

“The Republican Party of Texas has gone down an unfortunate path in recent months where it seems more interested in attacking Republican officials,” said TRI Chair Mark McCaig.

Before he focused his efforts on undermining the America First agenda in the Texas GOP, McCaig was running underhanded campaigns with Democrat moneymen in an attempt to prevent tort reform.

McCaig, a personal injury attorney by trade, joined up with Democrat attorney Steve Mostyn in 2014 to oppose bureaucratic reforms that would help ordinary Texans but hurt the profit margins of well-connected lawyers.

Texas state senator Larry Taylor called Mostyn “the No. 1 funder of Democrats statewide,” but that did not stop McCaig from jumping into bed with him. Mostyn spent $1 million to support pro-abortion state senator Wendy Davis’ failed run for governor alone.

Mostyn and McCaig formed the astroturf Conservative Voters of Texas front group to undermine tort reform. They used this organization to funnel dark money into races to oppose proponents for reform, such as Sen. Taylor, under a deceptively-named title to trick unsuspecting voters.

“When looking at the candidates that Steve Mostyn chooses to bankroll, it appears that his self-interest as a personal injury trial lawyer supersedes his liberal Democrat partisanship,” said Sherry Sylvester, spokeswoman for Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC. 

“He backs candidates who will push the trial lawyer, anti-tort reform agenda regardless of their party label. Although he has affirmed in the media that he is a committed liberal Democrat, when he is backing Republican candidates he masquerades behind his own political action committee, which is named ‘Conservative Voters of Texas,’” she added.

Other organizations have come to loathe McCaig for his disingenuous grifting as well. The Young Conservatives of Texas released a public denunciation of McCaig in 2012 for using their name without the organization’s consent to slam his political opponents.

“Mark McCaig has sold his conservative credentials to the highest bidder—in this case liberal Democrat Steve Mostyn,” said Jeff Morris, YCT State Chairman. “No true conservative would work for the man who spent $10 million last election cycle working to defeat conservative candidates across Texas and who has hosted fundraisers with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi in his own home. We are outraged by McCaig’s deception and his continued use of his past membership in YCT membership to bolster his attacks on conservative legislators. We will make sure that conservative voters are informed of his efforts to deceive them.”

“Mark McCaig may claim to be a conservative and may have once been a YCT member years ago, but his conservative credentials dissolved the minute he sold out to his new boss,” said Tony McDonald, YCT Senior Vice Chairman. “Conservative voters should not be fooled by his rhetoric about ‘conservative principles.’ He is, and always has been, only concerned with reversing the conservative lawsuit reforms passed by Republicans over the last decade.”

McCaig’s new cronies are delivering a weak brand of leadership at the helm of their county party chapters. Graham voted to abstain on a resolution to open Texas last year, which was approved by the state committee unanimously, when Gov. Greg Abbott was peddling COVID-19 mass hysteria. Abbott has since capitulated to common sense after months of public outrage.

Mackowiak, who applauded the Texas GOP decision to block Gab, was a public enemy of Trump before being elected to his county GOP leadership. He issued a particularly embarrassing tweetstorm calling Trump a loser before the votes were even tabulated in 2016 based off of returns from exit polls spread by the fake news media.

“Go f**k yourself. You just conceded the most winnable election in 50 years against the least popular Dem nom ever,” Mackowiak wrote.

He claimed that “the lede of your NYT obituary will be that you are a loser, losing the most unlosable election in modern American history.”

“You win particular credit for running the most inept, unserious presidential campaign in a century. Staffed by clowns, wasting money,” Mackowiak wrote.

“Your natural instinct will be to lash out at everyone. You own this defeat. It’s yours. You earned it. No one else. Process that,” he added.

Of course, Trump would go on to win that election, and Mackowiak would look quite the fool. While he may have deleted those posts out of shame, many of his embarrassing anti-Trump posts still remain live on the social media platform:

Mackowiak suffered no professional repercussions though for his overwhelming stupidity as the establishment was happy to promote him despite his incompetence because of his disdain for Trump. This has been a common thread throughout the past four years and is why the GOP remains in such lousy shape despite Trump’s overwhelming popularity.

Shill organizations like the TRI are circling their wagons around Gov. Abbott who – along with other GOP politicians in the pockets of the tech monopolies – use anti-Semitism as an excuse to protect their special interest masters from market competition, as Big League Politics has reported:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott repeated an anti-Christian libel against the social media provider Gab on Wednesday, abusing his position of power to declare war on the 1st Amendment.

“Anti-Semitic platforms like Gab have no place in Texas and certainly do not represent Texas values,” Abbott said.

“What does represent Texas values is legislation like this by Representative King and Representative Goldman that fights antisemitism in Texas,” he added.

Gab is not an “anti-Semitic” platform. Many of the platform’s users are Jewish. The free speech social media network permits users to post lawfully protected speech, in contrast to the notoriously censorious Big Tech monopolies...

Abbott is likely basing his judgment of Gab based on propaganda produced by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a far-left special interest group that hides behind Judaism to cloak their subversive anti-Bill of Rights agenda.”

If Texas goes blue, it will be due the likes of McCaig and his underlings who lined their pockets as our nation and our civilization were overtaken by ravenous leftists.

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