Meet the New Mexican Gang Leader Confronting the Los Zetas Cartel

Ildefonso Ortiz and Brandon Darby reported on a new drug cartel outfit that’s challenging the Los Zetas cartel.

This new gang on the block, “Los Billy’s,” rose up in late 2019 thanks to numerous independent methamphetamine distributors in the Monterrey area teaming up with them.

This alliance was spurred following the Cartel Del Noreste (CDN) faction of Los Zetas kicking off a violent campaign penetrating into the state of Nuevo Leon.

CDN started killing hundreds of their rivals by offering an ultimatum to either join their ranks or face a gruesome death.

According to Nuevo Leon officials, CDN was responsible for over 80 percent of murders in the state of Monterrey alone.

U.S. officials in Nuevo Leon reported that the majority of independent drug distributors rejected CDN’s offers to work with them due to cartel’s heavy-handed policies, which generally have a negative impact on profit margins.

Because of this environment, several street dealers were compelled to forge alliances to stand up against the CDN

After conducting a number of interviews with U.S. law enforcement agencies in Mexico, Breitbart News was able to learn more about the leader of Los Billy’s, Saul “El Chaparro or Tumbado” Salinas Gonzalez.

Authorities have tracked Salinas’ frequent trips to Texas, where he alleges to be a legitimate businessman. Agents operating under Nuevo Leon’s State Investigation’s Agency have conducted raids in 30 different drugstores that belong to Los Billy’s which directly answer to Salinas.

Salinas and his girlfriend, Ana Luisa Garcia Duque, were arrested in the suburb of Santa Catarina. The couple were caught while driving a white BMW sedan with license plates from the state of Morelos. However, they were released after officials could not find much evidence against them.

Law enforcement sources informed Breitbart Texas that several members of Los Billy’s are under investigation for the murder of one of their ex-members. Back in February, Breitbart Texas covered the murder of Rodolfo “El Rodo” Hinojosa, the leader of a drug distribution network who also earned a notorious reputation as an underground rapper. At first, Nuevo Leon investigators pinned the blame for murders on CDN. However, new evidence demonstrates a rift that occurred between Los Billy’s members when El Rodo parted ways with the organization after threatening to conduct a hostile takeover.

Ildefonso Ortiz and Brandon Darby noted that “A future arrest of Salinas in the U.S. or Mexico could lead his current second-in-command to rise, a man known only as “Tony Montana.’”

It’s safe to say that Mexico is a failed state. On a seemingly monthly basis, new cartels or criminal elements are popping up.

Taking this into consideration, the U.S. needs to get serious about border security and start walling itself off from Mexico’s instability.

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