Meet the Pro-Gun Candidates that the National Association for Gun Rights is Endorsing

The National Association for Gun Rights has been one of the leading no compromise gun lobbies in America since its founding in 2000.

It has positioned itself as a principled alternative to establishment gun lobbies such as the National Rife Association.

One of its principal focuses is to make Constitutional Carry a reality in 50 states.

But in the short-term it is also getting involved in federal races.

BLP was able to get in contact with NAGR officials to learn about who they’ve endorsed so far.

They provided the following list of candidates that NAGR PAC has officially endorsed.

U.S. House:


  • Rep. Thomas Massie (KY-4)*
  • Kathaleen Wall (TX-22)
  • Marjorie Greene (GA-14)
  • Sandy Smith (NC-1)
  • Rep. Scott Perry (PA-10)*
  • Teddy Daniels (PA-8)
  • Paul Broun (GA-9)


U.S. Senate


  • Tommy Tuberville (AL)
  • Corky Messner (NH)
  • Kris Kobach (KS)


State Level

  • Rep. Jonathon Hill (House District 8 in SC)*

The organization will likely endorse other candidates as election season progresses.

For pro-gun advocates, NAGR PAC’s endorsement is as good as gold.

Individuals who are serious about preserving the right to bear arms, should keep NAGR PAC’s endorsement list in mind and make sure to vote for these candidates if they are running for office in their district or state.  At the very least, hardcore Second Amendment activists should consider making financial contributions to these NAGR PAC-approved candidates’ electoral efforts.

*Incumbent candidates running for re-election

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