Meet The Woke ‘They/Them’ Manager Who Tried To Make The Roald Dahl Classics More Inclusive

Conservatives are writing children’s books now to go against the woke titles being churned out and placed in front of kids by the left.

The hypocrisy is that while the left argues that what society teaches doesn’t matter, they continue devoting money and resources into content meant to indoctrinate children into the progressive ideology.

One of the people leading that charge is Jo Ross-Barrett, a self described “non-binary, asexual, polyamorous relationship anarchist who is on the autism spectrum.” 

“They/them” was the manager in charge of wokifying Roald Dahl’s beloved books.

In case you missed it, the publisher behind Roald Dahl’s children’s books – which includes titles like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda – announced last Friday a “sensitivity team” was considering proposed changes to make the renowned books more inclusive.

Apparently those changes have since been rolled back due to backlash, but it’s important to see who was behind this unasked for movement in the first place.

Here are some of the changes Ross-Barrett wanted:

Ross-Barrett and her team of “sensitivity readers” (eight to 30 year olds, no less – that’s right, nobody over 30 years old was on the team) had to cut phrases like “fearful ugliness” and “attractive middle-aged lady” lest any Charmin-soft human be offended in one way or another. 

In “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” this sentence was removed completely: “Mike Teavee himself had no less than eighteen toy pistols of various sizes hanging from belts around his body, and every now and again he would leap up into the air and fire off half a dozen rounds from one or another of these weapons.”

Entirely new passages not written by Dahl and designed to create an even greater level of “inclusivity” were also added. 

For one example, in “The Witches,” a paragraph describing female characters being bald and wearing wigs was followed by an additional line saying “there is certainly nothing wrong with that.” They also scrubbed phrases like “mother and father” and “boys and girls” in favor of gender-neutral alternatives.

Ross-Barrett, who her lists her areas of expertise as “autism, aromantic- and asexual-spectrum topics, the bi umbrella, children’s books, illustration, interactive narratives, intersectional feminism, mental health, non-binary gender, relationship education, sex and puberty education,” wanted to alter Dahl’s books to cater to the DEI mob.

She has since taken a break from the sensitivity team to become a professional in the world of DEI consulting. 

Thanks to this hostile rise in wokifying classics, conservatives have taken it upon themselves to create their own children’s stories.

Libs of Tik Tok creator Chaya Raichik has just released a new children’s book of her own, and it is designed to teach children about trusting their parents.

Brave Books is the publisher, and the platform hosts a bunch of different titles under other conservative influencer types including Jack Posobeic, Dana Loesch, Robby Starbuck, Zuby, The Hodgetwins, and more.

Conservative parents are beginning to understand their obligation to teach children what to think. Showcasing that there is right and wrong, good and bad, normal and not normal, and so on and so fourth.

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