Megyn Kelly Perfectly Sums Up Why Americans Are Fed Up With Fauci In Fiery Monologue Rant

Megyn Kelly is amongst countless others who are demonstrably fed up with lyin’ Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

She is also one of many voices calling him out on his timely retirement announcement. 

Which raises speculation about whether he decided to leave the federal government now to avoid potential future investigations if Republicans were to take back the House.

Watch Kelly rip apart Fauci on her show:

Incredible. Here are several highlights from Kelly’s monologue:

He mocked the idea of natural immunity, eliminating the need for his beloved, mandatory vaccines. Despite admitting years earlier that natural immunity is in fact the gold standard. His unexplained reversal cost millions their livelihoods. As of October of 2021, 5 percent of unvaccinated adults said they had lost a job due to a vaccine mandate, according to the Kaiser Foundation.

Those who questioned Dr. Science and his approach to the pandemic? Evil. Like those who put together the Great Barrington Declaration, doctors from Stanford, Oxford, Harvard. They questioned Fauci’s lockdown push. They said an approach based on focused protection in which we protect the most vulnerable – the elderly, the immunocompromised – makes sense, but we let others live their lives, that’s what we need. And what did Fauci do? He conspired with his boss [Francis Collins] at the NIH to smear these good doctors.

The learning loss, especially among poor kids – does he care about them? The suicidality of isolated teenagers, many of whom unfortunately succeeded in taking their own lives. The lack of language development and social skills in kids forced to masks for the better part of TWO years.

But Fauci’s biggest lie was told under oath when he testified before Congress that his group at the NIH never funded gain of function research in Wuhan, China. The kind that experiments on bat coronavirus to try to make them more lethal or more transmissible in humans.

While Fauci gets ripped online for his role in the seemingly never-ending pandemic, he continues to state that he has “nothing to hide.”

And that his retirement is not correlated with fears of investigation.

“Fauci lied, people died” quickly turned into a Republican platform piece after Biden took office. And it has continued well into 2022.

Holding Fauci accountable for misleading the public has rightfully motivated voters to pull the lever for Republicans come November.

And savvy politicians like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Rand Paul know this all too well. 

Watch DeSantis simply tell it as it is:

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