MELANIA: ‘We Are Very Honored To Serve Our Great Nation’

First Lady Melania Trump said that she and her husband President Trump “are very honored to serve our great nation.”

Melania Trump told ABC that things are going well, and she simply does not care what the media thinks of her. She spoke to the network from Africa, where she is engaged in intercontinental humanitarian work.

“I love Washington. I love to live there. And I made the White House home — for our son and my husband — and we love to live in the White House,” Melania said.

Melania’s office does not coordinate directly with the White House, so she was free to say that there are people close to the president in the Trump administration who cannot be trusted, and they are still there — with access to the West Wing.

President Trump’s victory in the midterm elections in November could prove the final stage needed to consolidate his power in the federal government outright.

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