MELTDOWN: CNN Attacks Kavanaugh For Being A White Man

CNN is agitating for something Tuesday, it’s just not clear what. The network and other liberals are being somewhat restrained when it comes to fighting against Brett Kavanaugh because it’s obvious that Justice Anthony Kennedy — whom the liberals liked — wanted Kavanaugh to replace him on the Court, and told Trump as much.

Chuck Schumer is angry that Trump did not call him up to talk about the pick. Senator Murkowski says she needs some more information on the guy. CNN, meanwhile, is just shooting blanks in a circle.

Check out this CNN headline:

As I expressed before the pick was made, it is very very important to choose a Supreme Court justice who cannot be effectively blackmailed by the Deep State before major decisions are made.

Big League Politics reported:

Evidence shows that John Roberts, chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, was “hacked” by a Deep State surveillance operation overseen by Obama administration CIA director John Brennan and Obama director of national intelligence James Clapper.

Roberts, the Bush appointee who made the decisive vote to uphold the constitutionality of Obamacare before the 2012 election, was allegedly the victim of the same Deep State surveillance program that spied on President Donald Trump.

Tapes released by Federal Judge G. Murray Snow — preserved on a Whistleblower Soundcloud page — show real estate billionaire Timothy Blixseth explaining Brennan and Clapper’s surveillance program to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and detective Mike Zullo. The existence of this surveillance program has been corroborated by Wikileaks’ “Vault 7” release and by the public comments of former CIA and NSA contractor Dennis Montgomery, who says he worked on the program for Brennan and Clapper.

Montgomery has gone public with his claims exposing how the program was used to spy on President Donald Trump when he was a private citizen. Montgomery has gained immunity and desperately wants House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes or other lawmakers to call him to testify about what he knows.


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