Members of Chicago Teachers Union Support Venezuela’s Socialist Disaster

Teachers with the Chicago Teachers Union picket outside of the Walt Disney Magnet School in Chicago, Illinois, on Monday, September 10, 2012. Disney is one of 144 CPS contingency plan schools that is open for displaced students. (Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune/MCT)

According to FightBack!News, The Chicago Teachers Union has a delegation in Venezuela getting behind strongman Nicolás Maduro’s regime.

The story details that the delegation’s goal is to “learn what they could from Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution, exchange views on effective education and to show solidarity with the students, teachers and social movements of Venezuela.”

The delegation members are sharing their amazement at Venezuela’s socialist experiment on a blog called “Radical Educator Collective.”

These union members were impressed by the communes they visited.

The even quoted a Venezuelan official declaring that the communes “make society less individualistic since groups of people are working together to decide their needs and how to work collectively towards solutions.”

Delegation member Sarah Chambers wrote, “This is why Venezuela became a threat to the USA.”

She added, “The USA does not want people to realize that another world is possible with justice and love.”

On Twitter, Chambers wrote that the delegation didn’t see a single homeless person during her visit.

In the blog, they argue that Venezuela’s widespread hunger, crime, and basic food shortages are the result of American sanctions and meddling.

The bloggers argued that the “mainstream news is right that there are some issues in Venezuela, but where they are wrong is who has created those issues.”

The aforementioned delegate, Sarah Chambers, is a CTU Executive Board member. She was fired from her teaching job in 2017. WTTW reported on her firing:

“leaving her own classroom to barge into classrooms of other teachers and issue her own instructions to students, interfering with statewide tests, and participating in a scheme to remove and transport students without any chaperone who had cleared criminal background checks, without alerting school officials which students would be missing from class and which students were unaccounted for….”

Chambers, however, argues that she was fired in retaliation for other issues and the CTU eventually got her reinstated, according to a report from the union.

Venezuela is the most lurid example of socialist failure in present times, which many elements of the radical Left in American have ignored.

They’ll either make excuses or completely ignore what’s going on there to deny the obvious failure of their state-dominant ideology.

This has been the case of previous socialist failures such as the Soviet Union and Cuba.

The Venezuelan case is only solidifying the Left’s tone-deafness to the issue of socialist destruction.

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