Men’s Health Tries to Cancel Joe Rogan for “Transphobic Hate Speech”

Lifestyle magazine Men’s Health published a hit piece on podcaster Joe Rogan on Wednesday, trying to cancel Rogan for what it termed as “transphobic hate speech.”

Men’s Health took offense at a recent podcast Rogan did with transition skeptic Abigail Shirer, who recently published a book (Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters) arguing that spiking interest in gender transition among teenage girls is leading to widespread damage and irreversible medical consequences.

In his podcast with Shirer, Rogan and the author discussed the peer-pressure appeal of youth transgenderism, in which many young and impressionable people are pushed to seek increasingly permanently altering medical treatment, that could leave them infertile later in life. Shirer also mentions spiking rates of suicide, anxiety and depression among populations of teen girls interested in transgenderism.

Men’s Health claims that Rogan’s exchange with Shirer represents “transphobic hate speech” that’s “putting lives in danger.”

Rogan has a history of platforming divisive voices. Now he’s actively fanning the flames of hate.

Take the recent episode with guest Abigail Shrier. During Shrier’s conversation with Rogan, in which she promoted her book, Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, Shrier invalidated the lived experience of trans and nonbinary kids and teens, and made numerous dangerous, entirely unsound false equivalencies.

The authoritarian liberal language that Men’s Health contributor Philip Ellis isn’t exactly what you’d expect the magazine to address an audience of red-blooded men with. It might come as a surprise to some Men’s Health readers to view content that they’d expect to see from a hysterical gender-confused professional liberal activist.

With arguably the largest audience for any media figure in the United States, Joe Rogan has been called “uncancellable,” and he’s certainly not going to be brought down by sensational accusations on the part of a nominal men’s magazine.

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