Merchant Category Code Legislation is Introduced in California

On June 14, 2023, California elected officials amended Assembly Bill 1587, a bill that formerly dealt with multifamily housing under the Health and Safety Code. In light of this amendment, credit card issuers are required to use specific merchant category codes that are unique to ammunition and firearm vendors. This is just the latest attack on gun rights in the Golden State — a state that has become thoroughly hostile towards the idea of lawful citizens using firearms for self-defense purposes.

Such legislation is typical of blue states where Democrats hold monolithic control over. By contrast, red states have generally avoided such legislation or even banned attempts to track gun owners.

California is one of the most anti-gun states in the nation. According to Guns & Ammo best states for owners rankings, California finds itself in 48th place. Naturally, the passage of this merchant category code legislation will be done with relative ease. By contrast, efforts to pass pro-gun legislation are practically an impossibility in states that function as de facto one-party states. 

That said, despite California’s thoroughly anti-gun profile, there are still pockets of pro-gun patriots who are willing to fight back against Gun Control Inc’ diabolical agenda. As long as there is genuine resistance to civilian disarmament, radical gun control will not be passed overnight.

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