‘Merchant of Death’ Viktor Bout Speaks Out Against Civilizational ‘Suicide’ Caused by Liberalism, Transgenderism

The so-called “Merchant of Death” Viktor Bout, freed in a trade for dope-smoking WNBA lesbian Brittney Griner, spoke out against the U.S. cultural “suicide” that is being inflicted due to liberalism, including the proliferation of transgender ideology and drug use throughout society.

Bout is worried that the poisonous culture permeating through the U.S. and the rest of Western society will sink the entire world if it is not stopped.

“What is happening in the West is simply the suicide of civilization. And, if this suicide is not prevented, at least within the non-Western world, within the world that is not controlled by the Anglo-Saxons, then the whole planet will commit suicide. And it may be happening in all areas, with drugs and LGBT+ among them,” Bout said during a recent appearance on Russia Today.

Bout has declared himself a member of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR), which is a staunchly nationalist party that firmly backs the Kremlin. He reveals he had a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin in his prison cell and supports Putin’s controversial incursion on Ukraine.

“I’m proud that I’m Russian and that our president is Putin,” he said.

Bout weighed in on issues plaguing the American people during the interview, showing an understanding of the issues that are hurting ordinary Americans and elucidating them in a way that few politicians are willing to do.

“In America right now, there is reverse racism. To be a normal white person who wants a family, who wants children, who wants to love, is very difficult,” Bout said.

“Look at what they did to the participants of the so-called armed insurrection on Jan. 6,” he added.

Bout spoke of the transgender plague that is sweeping throughout American schools, as LGBT groomers brazenly prey upon the innocent minds of the youth.

“Imagine it, in American schools they’re now teaching — to first graders, 6 or 7 years old — that there are 72 genders,” he said.

Bout also slammed the move toward lax criminal justice policies that liberal city governments are persuing, empowering criminals to wage war against normal citizens.

“Look at what’s happening in San Francisco. Look at what’s happening in Chicago. Look at what’s happening in New York,” he said.

The Merchant of Death made a lot of sense with his comments and doesn’t even hold a grudge against the system that he believes unjustly apprehended him for so many years.

“You have to learn to forgive,” Bout said.

Perhaps Bout got a bad rap. He supports gun rights too, after all. There are at least 1,000 individuals in the deep state who should be imprisoned before him.

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