Message Flying Outside Wayne LaPierre’s Hotel Window: STOP SELLING OUT

The American Firearms Coalition continues to make its presence felt at the NRA national convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The newly-formed Second Amendment group flew a plane over the convention to inform the approximately 80,000 members in attendance of the NRA’s potential sell-out on red flag gun confiscation laws.

Attached to the plane was a banner that read “NRA: Stop Selling Out – STOPREDFLAGS.COM”.

The plane even flew over NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre’s hotel suite at the JW Marriott.

Aaron Dorr, the Executive Director of Iowa Gun Owners, has been leading the charge for AFC’s campaign against red flag gun laws.

On their petition page, AFC points out that red flag laws allow “the states to utilize ex-parte hearings as a part of the process. As you undoubtedly know, this means that the gun owner in question would have no idea that his Second Amendment rights are on the line until the police are at his home with an order to confiscate his firearms.”

Red flag laws have become popular in state legislatures over the past year and are now being considered at the federal level.

BLP has covered the ongoing red flag debate in Congress. Lindsey Graham is the main legislator championing a bipartisan iteration of this bill, which has received harsh criticism from groups like Gun Owners of America.

Despite these warnings, Graham is moving this legislation forward.

The AFC is leading the charge against red flag legislation at the federal level.

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