Message to President Trump: Listen to Your Son, Hands Off Firearm Suppressors

Is Donald Trump considering new control measures?

Following the Virginia Beach shooting, the anti-gun Left made its usual rounds by calling for gun control.

But things got interesting when reports found that the perpetrator, DeWayne Craddock, used two legally purchased .45 handguns to commit this atrocity. On top of that, one of those handguns was equipped with a suppressor.

Uncharacteristically, President Donald Trump criticized current suppressor policy saying that “I don’t like them at all” when asked about how this situation should be tackled.

Naturally, this has evoked speculation that Trump may be considering a suppressor ban.

Trump’s Justice Department already banned bump stocks last year, which has caused certain gun rights activists to go to the courts to battle this infringement.

Ironically, Trump’s son, Don Jr. made a video in 2016 in which he fired a pistol equipped with a suppressor.

Don Jr. is a big advocate of suppressors and justifies their de-regulation for safety reasons. He contends that without them, a shooter’s hearing could be put at risk. Suppressors are currently under tight control of the National Firearms Act.

In recent years, there have been several efforts to deregulate suppressors through the introduction of the Hearing Protection Act in Congress. However, with the current make-up of Congress, these measures appear to be dead in the water.

Nevertheless, President Trump should listen to his son and maintain a hands-off policy when it comes to suppressors.

The topic of suppressors and silencers is rather heated and filled with emotion. In times when the media seek to sensationalize gun violence and use misinformation to advance their civilian disarmament agenda, facts are desperately needed.

Certain groups like Hunting Mark have worked to educate the public on these accessories and advocate for their deregulation.  More information on the basics of silencers can be found here.

This incident will likely not be the last attempt that gun grabbers will exploit in order to ban the use of suppressors.


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