Meta is Broadening “Fact-Checking” Program To Other Platforms

Social media giant Meta’s Threads is beginning to implement anti-free speech measures akin to those on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

One of those measures is a fact-checking program that is part of an alleged move by the company to distance “itself from politics.” Threads is largely viewed as a rival to the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. With respect to Threads censorship, it will be letting loose “fact-checking partners.” At the moment, Threads is “only able to match existing fact-checks to “near-identical content.”

Overall, there is a desire to engage in censorship on the part of Meta. Which is why it’s going to use Threads to engage in “fact-checking”ventures, which is censorship by another name.

The ruling class wants to fact-check content so as to create a dominant narrative about current events that simply doesn’t align with reality. The powers that be fear competing narratives on hot button issues of our time. Especially, on issues ranging from the Wuhan virus to the perpetual war machine. 

This among other reasons should be why the Right needs to firmly oppose Big Tech efforts to police discourse. Big Tech is simply an enemy of free speech and has to be restrained.

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