Meta Will Let Only Trans, Non-Binary Users Show Their ‘Breasts’ Following Nudity Policy Controversy

Earlier this week, Meta’s Oversight Board was in a tailspin over its nudity policy because it makes “a distinction between male and female bodies.”

In case you missed it, big tech was worrying and debating over whether humans are even capable of determining gender. Which is the perfect example of wokeness infestation at its worst. Not to mention its inevitable conclusion.

Meta has since clarified its policy surrounding nudity on its social media platforms, by saying it will soon allow transgender and or non-binary users to display their breasts.

The same old school rules will still apply to ciswomen. Which is diversity, equity, and inclusion at its utmost finest.

“The same image of female-presenting nipples would be prohibited if posted by a cisgender woman, but permitted if posted by an individual self-identifying as non-binary,” the Board’s statement read.

“The Board also notes additional nipple-related exceptions based on contexts of protest, birth giving, after birth and breastfeeding which it did not examine here,” it added.

This whole debacle started after an American couple made up of one transgender and one non-binary person posted topless with their nipples covered. 

After users flagged and had the posts removed, the couple appealed Meta’s decision. Inevitably leading here; an invitation for even more nudity online. 

“This policy is based on a binary view of gender and a distinction between male and female bodies,” the statement continued. “Such an approach makes it unclear how the rules apply to intersex, non-binary and transgender people, and requires reviewers to make rapid and subjective assessments of sex and gender, which is not practical when moderating content at scale.”

Meta will still rely on human reviewers, which goes to show you that this sort of controversy is far from over. Especially considering this ruling will bring on many more flagged posts from users who couldn’t care less about a person’s preferred gender ideology.

It’s amazing that this was the best verdict a Board of academics, journalists, and politicians could come up with. A Board Mark Zuckerberg has dubbed his company’s “Supreme Court.”

What else could possibly go wrong!

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