#METOO HYSTERIA: Texas Governor Greg Abbott Creates Campus Sex Joke Gestapo

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently signed a bill into law that will effectively allow law enforcement to jail any university employee who does not report a joke to a Title IX official that they hear about sex on campus.

The legislation, which is an egregious abuse of freedom of speech, is based largely off of Obama-era federal standards of sexual harassment:

Unwelcome, sex based verbal or physical conduct that: in the education context, is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive that the conduct interferes with a student’s ability to participate in or benefit from educational programs or activities at a postsecondary educational institution.

SB 212, now signed into law by Gov. Abbott, would allow the termination of any official on campus who “witnesses or receives information” that may count as sexual harassment. Abbott is essentially allowing the ‘Me Too’ gestapo to reign supreme in his state’s higher education system.

The conservative watchdog, The College Fix explains how damaging this new law will be to freedom of expression on campuses.

“Those staggering employment and criminal penalties practically ensure that Title IX offices will be flooded with sexual harassment reports, and that students will be subjected to wide-ranging administrative investigations for constitutionally protected speech,” Greg Piper of College Fix wrote.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), an organization that protects civil liberties on campuses nationwide, is sounding the alarms about the new law too.

“Without an objective requirement, students and faculty are held hostage to the personal feelings and opinions of their accusers, no matter how unusual or even unreasonable. Given the offense taken by people on both sides of arguments about sexuality and gender generally, the list of victims of “sexual harassment” under this broad definition is functionally endless,” Joe Cohn wrote for FIRE.

FIRE’s Tyler Coward, who works as the legislative counsel for the organization, believes that the law will ultimately be shot down by the courts. He wants people who are targeted by the new law in the mean time to contact the organization for assistance in fighting back.

Social justice dogma is pernicious enough to even be supported by top Republican officials, as the Overton Window continues to shift toward the feminist left.

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