Mexican Drug Cartels Have Carried out Thousands of Drone Incursions in US Airspace

Cartels Carried out  Drone Incursions

While everyone’s attention is on the Russo-Ukrainian War, Mexican drug cartels are doing everything possible to gradually whittle away at US sovereignty. 

Per a recent report by Judicial Watch, drug cartels carried over 9,000 drone incursions into US airspace in 2021.

Judicial Watch was able to reach out to a senior Homeland Security official and several federal officials at the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Grande Valley sector in Texas. On top of that, Tyler Durden of Zerohedge reported that Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request with CBP to launch an investigation on Mexican drug cartels’ use of drones to snoop on federal, state, county, and city agencies and carry out malicious activities at the southern border. 


CBP officials revealed to Judicial Watch that cartels used drones for surveillance purposes while carrying out drug trafficking and human smuggling operations that go into the US. According to the CBP officials’ revelations, the drones are being easily purchased on the Internet or at big box retailers. These drones are being employed to detect gaps in border security, in addition to creating diversions in certain areas to distract CBP agents while smugglers transport valuable assets across the border. 

Per Brandon Judd, the union president who represents 20,000 CBP agents, said to Judicial Watch that the drones are also “dropping fentanyl” packages inside of the US.

“They fly into certain locations, drop them to the ground and fentanyl is taken off of them and they take back off into Mexico,” Judd stated. 

Judd did concede that the drones aren’t “military-grade” and “can be purchased anywhere.”

Mexican drug cartel drones’ ability to enter America airspace should frighten any nationalist who believes in national sovereignty. This is a true national security threat, not what’s going on in Ukraine.

There have been previous reports of cartels such as the Jalisco New Generation Cartel using drone bombings to crush rivals and grow its power in Mexico. 

Should the US maintain open borders and implement lax law enforcement standards such as defunding the police, the cartel violence that dots Mexico will make its way to states and bring a whole new set of problems stateside. There comes a point when the political class needs to start prioritizing real national security instead of the security of countries thousands of miles away. The US has a failed state on its border and it needs to start re-orienting its national security priorities to confront that reality.

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Cartels Carried out  Drone Incursions

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