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Mexican Drug Kingpins Are Seizing Control of Mexico’s Lucrative Avocado Industry



Latin Post recently covered a story about Mexican drug cartels recent forays into the agricultural industry.

According to some reports, Mexican cartels are making attempts to take over Mexico’s booming avocado industry.

Although there no reports so far of cartels storming into avocado producing areas, there are indicators of one drug syndicate, the Viagras cartel, seizing protected land with the aim of cultivating and selling avocados.

However, some of the landowners and farmers will not give up this land without a fight.

“The threat is constant and from all sides,” Jose Maria Ayala Montero told the Los Angeles Times.

According to the LA Times, Ayala Montero works for “a trade association that formed its own vigilante army to protect growers.”

Local authorities have proven to be useless in stopping these invasions .

One law enforcement official said during an interview with the AP that the cartels are already taking land, building orchards, and then setting up drug labs in the vicinity of those orchards.

According to a local police chief, cartels have “done everything – extortions [and] protection payments,” rendering law enforcement helpless against these cartels.

In the state of Michoacan alone, the avocado industry generates two billion dollars of revenue annually.

It’s no surprise that cartels wants a piece of the pie. As cartels become more involved in the avocado sector, violence will naturally follow.

Mexico’s favorable climate for avocado growing and overall lower labor costs make the avocado industry rather lucrative.

It only makes sense that drug cartels enter this industry in order to maximize their revenues and diversify their income streams.

The Mexican government has resoundingly demonstrated its inability to defend itself against drug cartels.

Over the years, Mexican drug rings started out as normal criminal organizations armed with conventional weapons, to heavily-equipped outfits that challenge the Mexican government’s monopoly on violence.

Now, they have the potential of becoming huge economic players in Mexico.

In light of these developments, America needs to get its act together on border security, unless it wants Mexican-style cartel violence to cross its borders.


Southern Baptist Convention Reverses Course on Name Change After BLP Reporting

They say they’re not changing their name.



The Southern Baptist Convention has sought to dispel reporting from Big League Politics on the organization’s planned name change, arguing that the institution isn’t formally changing its name.

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But a close look at the American Christian church’s plans relating to its name reveal that it’s played with the idea far more seriously than they’re making it seem.

Reports of a name change first emerged in a Washington Post article published on Tuesday. SBC President JD Greear told the Post that “hundreds of churches” affiliated with the denomination had “committed” to using the phrase “Great Commission Baptist” as an alternative to the denomination’s longtime moniker. The change would come as Greear touts his support of the Black Lives Matter, although he’s been careful in pointing out he doesn’t support any formal organization related to the movement. Greear also is renaming the church he personally pastors with the term.

The SBC’s 2021 convention will also organize under the motto of “We Are Great Commission Baptists.” Sounds a lot like a name change, even if the SBC’s leadership is steadfastly maintaining it isn’t.

The name ‘Great Commission Baptist’ is theologically sound in the Christian religion, but it’s somewhat questionable that the organization’s leader appears to be emphasizing it at a moment in which political correctness is making its entryism into many Christian churches and organizations.

It seems as if the organization’s figurehead is keen to present himself as a liberal-style suburban Evangelical to the Washington Post, but he changed his tune quite quickly when the rank and file membership of Southern Baptist churches learned that he was promoting the idea of a name change.

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