Miami Coast Experienced Increased Illegal Immigration 

Massive waves of migrants have been breaking into the US ever since Joe Biden was installed in office in 2020.

Border states and cities on and close to the border have felt the brunt of this nasty political experiment.

Now cities like Miami are also feeling the impact of mass migration.

According to a NewsNation report, US Border Patrol claims to have had 1.9 million migrant encounters thus far in the current fiscal year along the southwestern border. When coastal sectors are included in the encounter numbers, Border and Coastal Patrol have encountered 2.2 million migrants in total.

In light of this migrant surge, Border Patrol is sending 114 agents from the northern border and several border sectors to areas being overwhelmed such as Yuma, Arizona, Del Rio, Texas, and Miami per sensitive US Department of Homeland Security documents that NewsNation was able to exclusively acquire.

Just 15 of the aforementioned agents will be sent to the Miami sector.

The bulk will go to the Del Rio sector, where the Texas city of Eagle Pass is located, which is the principal place the border crisis is occurring.

In the meantime, 80 agents are being taken from southern border sectors that include San Diego and Tucson, Arizona and are being moved to busier sectors to help out with increased migrant activity in those areas.

According to reports from the Miami sector border patrol and US Coast Guard, there has been a marked increase in illegal migration and migrant encounters. Since October 1, 2021, Border Patrol agents have encountered over 210 migrant landings, which represents a 330% increase in these encounters compared to the prior fiscal year.

According to Coast Guard reports, there has been a 450% rise in the at-sea interdictions of Cuban migrants.

Indeed, the migration crisis the US is facing affects many states, not just those sharing a physical border with Mexico.

While it’s understandable why Cubans would want to flee the authoritarian hellscape they’ve living under, the US can only take in so many migrants. At the end of the day, the US government should serve the American people not foreigners, no matter how compelling their plight is.

Regardless, if Cuba is to be free, it will be the result of its most talented people staying on the island and fighting its regime. Having these people easily escape to the US will only create a brain drain and allow the for the Cuban regime to further suppress an increasingly incompetent opposition bereft of talented individuals.

In the meantime, the America First movement must focus on getting nationalist politicians elected and building organizations that work to both create a conveyor belt of nationalist candidates and shift political discourse in a more nationalist direction.

As the nation continues to be rocked by a nasty mass migration wave, a proper nationalist movement is needed to secure the sovereignty of our nation and to also preserve its identity.

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