Miami-Dade County Mayor Calls Out Protests, Riots for Rise in Coronavirus Cases

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez pointed to the mass Black Lives Matter protests and riots as likely factors in the increased spread of the coronavirus disease in the past two weeks, acknowledging that the mass gatherings were uniquely dangerous to public health.

Gimenez was speaking on Face the News on Sunday morning.

I think obviously the protests had a lot to do with it. We had, you know, thousands of young people together outside, a lot of them not wearing masks. And we know when you do that, and you are talking, and you are chanting, etc., that really spreads the virus.”

Democratic city and state officials across the country have largely ignored the threat of coronavirus spreading as a result of the mass gatherings, demonstrating shameless hypocrisy as they continue to enforce stringent social distancing restrictions on churches and private businesses. The recent riot movement may have been one of the largest in the nation’s history– coming at the uniquely dangerous moment of a viral pandemic that could be easily spread.

So absolutely, the protests had something to do with it, but also our people, our residents, did not — I think they let their guard down and started to socialize. And again, that also has to do with it. So it’s all the above. I’m not saying it’s just that[the protests], but it was a contributing factor.

Florida has reinstated some coronavirus restrictions as the caseload of the virus surges in a second wave, coming curiously in the days and weeks after the protest movement placed thousands of people on the streets and cities of the state.

Wearing a mask is far from an ultimately foolproof measure in deterring the virus, although it is a strong safety measure. Protestors who congregate in large groups and chant vocalizations have a high risk of spreading coronavirus particles to those around them, but the events continue with the tacit support of formerly public-health focused Democratic officials.

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has spoken openly of his selective approach to social distancing, announcing his intention to give mass gatherers of Black Lives Matter a pass on account of “400 years of racism.”

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