Michael Avenatti: “I’ve Been Humbled”

Progressive provocateur and cable news regular Michael Avenatti struck a contrite tone in an interview with CNN on Saturday, admitting that he had been humbled in recent months. Avenatti, who was touted by leading progressives as the future Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party for scrappy appearances on cable news networks such as MSNBC, recently was indicted by federal authorities for an alleged extortion of clothing corporation Nike.

I’ve been humbled. I’ve been humbled significantly. There’s been a lot of highs and there’s been a lot of lows, and, frankly, I’ve attempted not to get too high.

Avenatti’s tone was a stone’s throw from his cable news highlights as Stormy Daniels’ attorney, where he threw red meat to progressives regarding President Trump’s supposed non-disclosure deal with the porn star. Daniels dropped Avenatti as her lawyer when he was arrested for domestic violence, an arrest for which he never faced charges.

Prosecutors claim that Avenatti tried to extort Nike into providing him a large cash payment and hiring him as a consultant to correct perceived injustices executed by the company, or that he’d expose a college basketball corruption scandal.

Avenatti is also facing charges related to his alleged fraud and embezzlement of legal client’s money. Individuals who hired Avenatti’s services claim that the California lawyer pocketed legal settlements they were personally entitled to without their permission, falsely claiming that they’d receive funds at a later date.

Avenatti could face a life sentence from the charges levied against him, a far cry from the up-and-coming pit bull’s 15 minutes of fame as the pugnacious prodigy of the Democratic Party.

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