Michael Bennett’s Publisher Believes Felony Indictment is Racially Motivated

For the second time in less than a year, the excuse of “racism” is being deployed by Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive end Michael Bennett and those around him to cover up for Bennett’s alleged antics.

First, back in September, Bennett ran from police during an active shooter situation in Las Vegas causing police to detain him until they could verify his identity and ensure he was not in danger or could possibly be a threat to other bystanders.

This ordeal sent Bennett on a media tour and rocketed him to true-blue Social Justice Warrior status as he cried “racism,” claiming the Las Vegas police only detained him because of his skin color.

Unfortunately for Bennett, police body cam footage told an entirely different story, and proved that his claims were fabricated.

Now, more than 6 months later, Michael Bennett is back in the news as a Harris County, Texas grand jury has accused Bennett of assaulting two women, one of whom was a elderly 66-year-old paraplegic, at NRG Stadium in Houston during Super Bowl LI.

And if being in the news for assaulting a elderly, paraplegic woman at the Super Bowl wasn’t bad enough, the publisher of Bennett’s upcoming book decided to up the ante.

After learning of Bennett’s arrest, Haymarket Books released this March 24th statement:

“Michael Bennett is being targeted for being a Black man who speaks out boldly against racism and police brutality.

The latest charges against Michael are clearly an effort by his political opponents — once again — to silence him. We will not let them succeed.

Our country has a long history of such attacks against those who work for justice, from Martin Luther King, Jr., to Muhammad Ali, to Angela Davis, among so many others.

We have also seen how athletes have been targeted over the past year, from the “blackballing” of Colin Kaepernick to the young people who have been kicked off of their teams for daring to protest during the anthem.

We are confident that the truth of the incident at the 2017 Super Bowl, fourteen months ago, will reveal that the charges against Michael – and the timing of this indictment and public attack on him — are politically motivated.

We stand in solidarity with Michael. We stand strongly behind his new book, which we are extremely proud to publish, and we applaud him for his ongoing work in solidarity with all of those who are challenging the voices of exclusion, intolerance, and racism.”

The Harris County indictment claims Bennett was stopped by security workers for not having the proper pass, and asked him to use another entrance to the field.

However, Bennett apparently forced his way past them while proclaiming “don’t you know who I am,” leading Bennett to push one 28-year-old woman to the ground while spraining the shoulder of a 66-year-old paraplegic woman. Bennett then warned the security workers that he was going onto the field wether they wanted him to or not.

If Bennett is convicted of the charge of injury to an elderly person, he could face up to a 10-year prison sentence and a $10,000 fine, according to Texas state law.

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