Michael Bloomberg Admits Bloomberg News is Liberal Propaganda

Oligarch Michael Bloomberg gave a surprisingly honest answer about the partisan bias and slant of the “news” organization he owns, Bloomberg News.

Bloomberg was speaking to a CBS News reporter on Friday about the controversy surrounding his news network’s double standards. Bloomberg has ordered Bloomberg News to end any and all investigations of its owner as a Presidential candidate, in addition to the other Democrats running for their party’s nomination.

In a double standard that can’t be called anything other than naked hypocrisy, Bloomberg has allowed and encouraged his platform to continue to investigate and scrutinize President Trump. His two-faced policy has led to backlash from some of Bloomberg News’ employees, and he was asked about opposition to the policy within the organization by CBS.

“[My reporters] have to learn to live with some things. They get a paycheck. But with a paycheck comes some restrictions and responsibilities.” 

The “restrictions and responsibilities” Bloomberg refers to are an obligation for Bloomberg News employees to shill shamelessly for the outlet’s billionaire owner and other Democrat candidates. True journalistic inquiry or skepticism of official narratives is strictly forbidden.

The Donald Trump campaign has made the decision to officially recognize Bloomberg News as fake news, a designation that seems all the more appropriate in light of Bloomberg’s admission of his lack of candor. Bloomberg News has been officially blacklisted from receiving press credentials at Trump campaign events after being fully converted into a propaganda vessel for its owner.

The open conversion of Bloomberg News into a campaign prop organization is the latest of several examples of the oligarch’s shamelessness. Bloomberg is openly adopting a political campaign strategy that seeks to buy the Presidency, having already broken campaign ad spending records in his last-minute long-shot campaign.

If it’s any consolation, Bloomberg News will never be able to effectively claim it’s a serious journalistic entity ever again.

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