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Campaign 2020

Michael Bloomberg Campaign Staffers Exposed to Coronavirus as They’re Laid Off

Bloomberg is breaking his promise to keep the staffers hired until November.



A Michael Bloomberg campaign staffer has tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus, one day before the New York megabillionaire broke a promise he had made to campaign employees by firing them.

Bloomberg’s candidacy has been defunct since Super Tuesday. But the former New York City mayor had promised campaign staff that joined his big-spending presidential campaign that their jobs would be safe until November. The staffers were expected to be used for an anti-Trump movement in swing states.

Instead, campaign staff were told in a Thursday email that they’re being let ago at the end of month. On the very next day, the Bloomberg campaign informed them that campaign workers in a building the ultra-billionaire was using as his headquarters were exposed to the coronavirus. The candidate’s campaign managers did not disclose whether or not the individual since known to have tested positive for the disease was working personally on the Bloomberg campaign.

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At least one former Bloomberg staffer vocally condemned his former employer in no uncertain terms.

Some staffers are even more concerned of the coronavirus exposure on account of their health insurance coverage. They’re set to lose coverage they obtained as a benefit of their campaign employment at the end of the month- bringing up the possibility that they could be forced to seek medical treatment for the novel, deadly virus without insurance coverage.

Bloomberg, one of the wealthiest men in the world with a whopping net worth of 45 billion dollars, spent almost one billion dollars on his failed presidential campaign.

He announced this week that he’s going to donate $40 million to coronavirus treatment and containment efforts, a mere pittance in comparison to the sum he spent on a totally pointless vanity presidential campaign. If he had instead directed the funds he spend campaigning on treating the disease, there’s a real chance he could’ve made a serious difference in ameliorating the epidemic ravaging American society.

Campaign 2020

Polls for the Presidential Election Are Tightening, And Fast

This race is getting hot.



New polls for the November presidential election are gravitating in President Donald Trump’s direction, after months of polling that indicated Democratic challenger Joe Biden was dominating the race.

Polls from Rasmussen and the Hill have indicated that the race is close, and even within the margin of error, with the President regaining several percentage points. Polling aggregator RealClearPolitics reveals that recent polls show the President has gained 3-5 percent support.

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Polls in battleground states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania show a race that is statistically tied. A Zogby Analytics poll of North Carolina, Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania showed a razor-thin race in the latter three states, with Biden leading by no more than three percentage points in all of them.

Trump’s gain in recent rounds of polling may be a product of a refocused campaign strategy, with the President branching out to the constituency of white working class voters that proved essential to his shock 2016 election victory after former campaign manager Brad Parscale was reassigned.

Razor-thin election margins could mean the election is once again decided by the electoral college, as Biden’s lead in national polling places undue consideration on large margins of victory in reliably Democratic states such as California and New York.

Biden has been reluctant to appear in public, scheduling only a handful of events in which he’s received questions from the press. The President’s increasingly focused coronavirus press briefings may have signaled his intention to successfully control the pandemic.

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