Michael Moore Admits Trump Has Increased Support in Rust Belt, Predicts He Will Win Re-Election

Left-wing documentarian Michael Moore now believes that President Trump will win re-election, based upon his strength in his home state of Michigan and other states in the rust belt throughout the Midwest.

Moore confessed his fears during a recent appearance on Democracy Now! with host Amy Goodman. He believes that if the re-election were to take place today, Trump would certainly be the winner.

“I think if the election were held today,” Moore said. “Hillary won by 3 million popular votes. I believe whoever the Democrat is next year is going to win by 4 to 5 million popular votes. There’s no question in my mind that people who stayed home, who sat on the bench, they’re going to pour out, in California, New York and — you know, but also in Texas and whatever, I mean, places that Trump will probably win, but, yeah, there’s going to be a much higher percentage of people voting against him.”

“The problem is, if the vote were today, I believe, he would win the electoral states that he would need, because, living out there, I will tell you, his level of support has not gone down one inch,” he added. “In fact, I’d say it’s even more rabid than it was before, because they’re afraid now. They’re afraid he could lose, because they watched his behavior. So they are voracious in their appetite for Donald Trump. That’s the bad news.”

Although he believes President Trump will win, he isn’t giving up all hope quite yet. Moore predicts that 70 percent of the voting public will be women, minorities, and young people who he believes are “on our side.” He thinks that these people could be galvanized if Democrats elect a “fighter” instead of “another Hillary Clinton.”

“What we have to do is we have to make sure we don’t give them another Hillary Clinton to vote for. The Democrats who are encouraging moderation, go to the center — you know, ‘Let’s not upset the angry white guys’ — that’s really what it is,” Moore said. “Ninety thousand wanted to send a message to the Democratic Party: ‘You forgot us a long time ago out here, and we will not put up with this anymore. We’re not going to vote for Trump, but we’re not going to tolerate you sending us another Republican-lite Democrat.'”

“If we go that route, it’s guaranteed we will lose the Electoral College,” Moore continued. “We will win when we put somebody on that ballot that excites the base — women, people of color, young people. When they wake up that morning and they feel the way that many of us, many of you watching, felt the morning that you were going to — in 2008, and you were going to get to go and vote for Barack Obama. That feeling has got to happen in the 18-to-35-year-old demographic. It has to happen with people of color and with women. We already feel that way. They already feel that way. It’s just: Will they come out and vote for a centrist, moderate candidate. I don’t think that is going to happen. They’re going to come out and vote for the fighter, for the person that shares their values.”

Moore believes that nominating a bona fide extremist would be the best way for Democrats to capitalize on the growing polarization in the country and defeat Trump in 2020.

“Polarization is always talked about like it’s a bad thing,” Moore said. “I think it’s a good thing. I think if you think women should have the right to vote, I don’t think there’s a middle position on that. You either believe that women should vote or women shouldn’t vote. You either believe that a fertilized egg is a human being or not. There’s no middle ground there.”

However, recent results in the British election – which saw a populist Conservative Party crush a far-left Labour Party – do not seem to back up Moore’s recipe for electoral victory:

The Conservative Party has crushed Labour in Thursday’s general election, which is expected to result in a substantial majority in Parliament.

According to exit polls conducted by the BBC, the Tories will end up with 368 Members of Parliament (MPs), which is 50 more than they had following the 2017 election. Labour is expected to have 191 MPs while the SNP is expected to take 55 and Lib Dems are expected to have 13. The official totals are expected to be known by midday on Friday.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg predicts that this victory will be enough to allow Prime Minister Boris Johnson to remove the UK from the European Union, finally going through with the Brexit that was approved in 2016.

Labour’s projected loss of 71 seats would be their worst result since 1935, a damning indictment of radical leftist party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has drawn a great deal of criticism for his alleged anti-Semitism. He was forced to begrudgingly apologize for the growing anti-Semitism within his party just last week.

Moore’s entire interview can be seen here:


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