Michael Moore Calls For ‘Cleansing’ of White Male Privilege In America

Michael Moore, Facebook

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is taking the Left’s heated anti-white male rhetoric to new levels, calling for a “cleansing” of white male privilege in the United States.

Moore, a white male, attracted fans on the pro-Trump right during the 2016 election when he delivered a monologue explaining how Trump’s candidacy was a rallying cry for the Midwestern blue-collar workers disenfranchised by elitist globalism.

However, Moore has strained to maintain credibility with the anti-Trump left since Trump’s election, finding different ways to justify his official anti-Trumpism. Moore has explained that he finds Trump to be a narcissist who is not serious about fulfilling his campaign promises, even though Trump’s record does not comport with this rationalization. Moore seems to be at odds with his own genuine view of the world, and in his moral confusion he is lashing out.

“As we seek to rid ourselves of Trump, we must also cleanse our American soul of its white male privilege, its voracious greed,” Moore said in his address at the so-called People’s State of the Union prior to Trump’s speech Tuesday night.

Here is Moore’s eloquent Trump-sympathetic soliloquy of 2016, which formed the basis of a viral pro-Trump video.


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