Michael Moore Calls Ex-Wife’s Divorce Lawsuit A “Smear”

After a week of leftists telling the world that women must be believed at all costs and under any circumstances, one of the left’s ringleaders in the movie business trashed his ex-wife for suing him during divorce proceedings.

Kenneth Warner, he attorney representing filmmaker Michael Moore during his divorce, called the lawsuit an attempt to “smear [Moore] in the press with her false allegations,” and “an act of extreme disrespect to the Michigan Circuit Court.”

Warner’s allegations were released in court papers filed Friday.

He also claimed that Moore’s ex-wife, also a filmmaker “gratuitously included highly personal and confidential information in her petition in an apparent effort to increase public exposure and try to embarrass [Moore].”

Kathleen Glynn, Moore’s ex-wife of 23 years, claims that Moore is stiffing her on film projects that the pair worked on together, including Moore’s politically illiterate “Bowling for Columbine,” and “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

Moore also took issue with the filing date of the lawsuit. He said that the suit was purposefully and maliciously “filed on September 6, 2018, the day of the world premiere of [Moore’s] most recent film, Fahrenheit 11/9,” at the Toronto Film Festival according to the court documents.

Their first court date is scheduled for Oct. 4.



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