Michael Tracey Calls out Progressive Congressman Ro Khanna for his Warmongering 

Independent Michael Tracey has been one of the sanest voices on the Left when it comes to war issues. When most Democrats (liberals and progressives included) blindly voted for military aid to Ukraine to prolong the Russo-Ukrainian War, Tracey has held Democrats accountable for their hawkish actions.

Now, he has called out progressive wonder boy Ro Khanna (D-CA) after he defended Nancy Pelosi’s slated visit to Taiwan — a move that the People’s Republic of China would consider an immense provocation.

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer earlier this week, Khanna fully supported Pelosi’s potential visit to Taiwan on the grounds that the visit would be promoting “human rights.” Khanna tweeted, “Who are they to say that @SpeakerPelosi shouldn’t go to Taiwan? The Chinese Communist Party doesn’t get to dictate the travel schedule of the Speaker of the House.”


Khanna’s tweet prompted Tracey to quote tweet the California Congressman. Tracey said, “Tends to be a red flag when Democrats and Republicans suddenly start sounding completely indistinguishable from one another.”

Tracey followed up with a tweet where he noted that “Two years ago Ro Khanna was co-chairing the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, and was not only a leading opponent of arming Ukraine, but reckless US interventionism more broadly. Now look at him: done a total 180.”


Khanna correctly opposed conflicts in Afghanistan, Libya, and Yemen. However, he has now been assimilated into the neoliberal interventionist borg as witnessed by his votes for sending seemingly endless streams of military aid to Ukraine. Now, Khanna wants to up the ante by sending high-ranking officials like Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

China treats Taiwan as a rogue province and any move to have it declare independence would cross the brightest of red lines and potentially prompt it to take military action. 

Khanna’s previous opposition to conflicts in the MENA region are laudable, but his support for escalatory maneuvers against nuclear-armed great powers — the major league players in the world of geopolitics — are way off base.   

The China question should be handled the national populist way i.e. restricting migration from it to deprive the East Asian giant of a major fifth column inside US borders, decoupling trade from it, and shutting down subversive entities like Confucius Institutes. There’s no reason to pursue an armed conflict with China when nationalist geoeconomic levers and  immigration restriction will suffice. 

All in all, it has become abundantly clear that the anti-war Left is dead. It’s up to the right-wing populist movement to restore foreign policy sanity by pursuing realism and restraint in foreign policy affairs. 

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