Michael Voris of Church Militant Believes Christians Should Tap Into ‘Trumpism’ to Fight the Culture War

Church Militant founder Michael Voris appeared on Big League Politics Live where he discussed the political impact of Donald Trump and how the specter of “Trumpism” on politics is a blessing for Christians and all who care about saving the blessings of Western Civilization from the maniacal Marxist Left.

Voris explained that Trump is the genesis of the people-powered movement against institutional power that is now raging throughout America.

“People who care about all of this stuff really do owe a debt of gratitude to Donald Trump. His personality, and his shooting straight from the hip, or mouth, is kind of what started the whole inertia of all of this,” Voris said.

However, Voris believes that “Trumpism” now extends beyond Trump, and the movement is much greater than just the personality of one man. Because of Trump’s flaws, this is likely a good and healthy development moving forward.

“I really think the whole thing has kinda outgrown him. I don’t think Trump is really the center of this anymore. He is certainly the biggest cheerleader, but there is “Trumpism” now that is really beginning to take over,” Voris said, claiming that angry parents are not attending school boards because of Trump but rather because of their righteous fury at corrupt and contemptuous government officials.

“What he espoused has now taken on kind of a life of its own, and I think you see it reflected in some of the poll numbers for Biden. They’re not even in the toilet, they’re down somewhere in the basement and the plumbing, they’re so bad, and the Dems are worried about it. They’re switching away from their whole rhetoric now about climate and green new deal, and now they’re talking about election issues, voter suppression and all of this. They’re bringing this stuff up right now because they need to try and energize their base where climate change and stuff just doesn’t resonate,” Voris continued.

“When hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs in the energy industry, everybody sees that at the pump. It’s a sad commentary, but it’s true: Americans will let the slaughter of 60-70 million children go on unabated and a small portion will base their vote around that every election cycle. But if you let the price of gas go up at the pump, ya know, 50 cents, 80 cents, a buck, everybody is enraged, and that’s what has happened,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on Biden’s terrible approval ratings as Americans reject the delegitimized figurehead in the White House:

President Joe Biden’s approval rating continues taking a nosedive per a recent NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist poll released on December 20, 2021. 

When asked whether they approved or disapproved of the Biden administration’s management of the country, 55% of respondents indicated that they disapproved, whereas only 41% said they approved, per the poll.    

Between December 11 and December 13, the survey was conducted among 1,400 adults. The poll had a four-point margin of error.

When the poll was dissected along partisan lines, 87% of Democrats stated that they approved of Biden’s stewardship of the country, whereas only 11% disapproved. 2% were unsure. Among Republicans, only 4% approved of Biden while 95% were in disapproval.

When independents were polled, 66% indicated that they disapproved of Biden’s leadership while only 29% approved.

Among white respondents, 40% said they approve of Biden, while 56% said they were in disapproval. For non-whites, 44% of them were in approval while 52% disapproved of Biden’s performance. 

Among Hispanics, a group that Biden has struggled with, 33% approved of Biden’s performance. A staggering 65% disapprove of Biden.

The full BLP Live interview can be seen here:

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