Michelle Malkin Announces #StandWithICE Movement to Rally Support for Border Enforcement

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been demonized relentlessly throughout the Trump administration for trying to curtail an unprecedented overflow of third-world migration and keep communities safe from lawbreakers.

Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin believes that it is time to push-back against the open borders establishment, which is why she has started the #StandWithICE movement.

“I hope you will join me as I tour the country the next few months and take the battle for our safety and security straight to the nation’s worst open borders sanctuaries,” Malkin writes in her Townhall column announcing her new movement.

She points to persecuted activists from groups like Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys as the only people on the front lines, and hopes her efforts will rally mainstream conservatives to join them in the fight for the future of America.

Malkin lists many problem groups that are tearing apart America with their demonization of federal law enforcement, including: radicalized Democrats, corporate CEOs who wish to exploit cheap labor, Soros-funded communist agitators, and liberals in Silicon Valley who pressure their employers to refuse to conduct business with federal law enforcement.

“This isn’t empty virtue signaling. It’s causing horrific mayhem from coast to coast, as I reported two weeks ago. And it’s not just our men and women at ICE, under literal fire, who suffer the consequences,” Malkin writes.

She lists examples such as the five illegals that have been charged with rape over the past month in a sanctuary county of Maryland, and two illegals that have been charged with rape in the sanctuary jurisdictions of Colorado to show that the demonization of ICE is jeopardizing the public safety.

She also describes how, in one illegal immigrant detention facility in Aurora, CO, “illegal immigrants get free access to LexisNexis, dental services, a full-scale pharmacy, video games, pingpong tables and even telepsychiatry appointments,” as the foreign lawbreakers are pampered at great expense to the taxpayer.

“The guardians against immigration anarchy shouldn’t have to go it alone. That’s why I’m launching a nationwide tour of sanctuary cities — including Denver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Minneapolis — to expose the money behind the sovereignty saboteurs and to organize citizens willing to #StandWithICE,” she writes.

“If we don’t get off the sidelines, the lawless mob will win. And if the lawless mob wins, we will lose America,” Malkin writes in her conclusion.

For more information on how to support Malkin’s nationwide protest movement to support ICE, go to OpenBordersInc.com.

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