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Michelle Malkin: Republicans Must ‘Combat the People From Inside the Tent’ to Save America

She argues it is not good enough to go after Democrats.



Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin gave a rousing speech at the Horowitz Freedom Center last week to promote her book, explaining why the fight must be waged primarily from within the Republican Party in order to save the country from rampant third-world immigration.

“Going forward, I think, especially as we head into this deep plunge of an election cycle,” Malkin explained. “It’s easy to make fun of the clown car of the Democratic presidential candidates. That’s easy. What’s harder is to combat the people from inside the tent who are sabotaging the best opportunities we have to seize back control of our country.”

In her recently published book Open Borders Inc, Malkin outlines how Republican politicians are paid off by special interests like Big Tech firms, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Koch network to support lax immigration policies that are reviled by their actual constituents.

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One such enemy from within is Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), who has relentlessly pushed legislation co-sponsored by Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) that would open the flood gates for low-wage workers from India to come to the U.S. in record numbers.

Lou Dobbs of Fox Business explained the many problems with Lee’s legislation, and why his green card giveaway would squeeze the wages of American workers at the behest of massive corporate behemoths.

Malkin believes that it is legislators like Sen. Lee and the special interests behind them who are the biggest threat to “America First” immigration policies, not the crazy extremist Democrats.

“We’ve got good people in the West Wing. They’re the ones who are revamping the refugee resettlement program who are doing everything they can do in their power to fight back against judicial anarchy, and reclaim the powers of the president over immigration policy,” she said.

“The last platitude that just gets on my nerves is ‘our laws are broken.’ Our laws are not broken. Our will to enforce them is,” she added.

Portions of Malkin’s address can be seen here:

Right now, Malkin is leading #StandWithICE protests across the country to encourage patriots to stand up and support border enforcement against ANTIFA terrorists and other threats pushing back against the men and women on the front lines.

“The guardians against immigration anarchy shouldn’t have to go it alone. That’s why I’m launching a nationwide tour of sanctuary cities — including Denver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Minneapolis — to expose the money behind the sovereignty saboteurs and to organize citizens willing to #StandWithICE,” Malkin said.

“If we don’t get off the sidelines, the lawless mob will win. And if the lawless mob wins, we will lose America,” she added.

Few people in the country are doing more from the grassroots to promote President Trump’s MAGA agenda right now than Malkin, who remains on the war path against RINOs who are weak on immigration.

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Border Security

Due to Trump’s Immigration Crackdown, Immigrants Flock to Canada Instead of the United States

Trump’s policies are slowly but surely working.



President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown has foreigners flooding to Canada instead of the United States, according to an analysis from Forbes.

Recent data shows that the number of foreigners immigrating to Canada rose a remarkable 26 percent from 2015-2019 while the number of legal immigrants coming into the U.S. fell by 7 percent from fiscal year 2016 and fiscal year 2018. This number is expected to decrease further as Trump continues to enact his agenda, with a potential second term just around the corner.

Meanwhile, Canada is getting ready to open its floodgates for even more immigrants under the far-left rule of chronically blackfaced Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau’s bureaucrats more-or-less boast that the immigrants will be coming in to replace the native population.

“To further ease the challenges of a shrinking labor force and an aging population, our new multi-year immigration levels plan sets out the highest levels of permanent residents that Canada will welcome in recent history,” said Ahmed Hussen, Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

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“Canada is benefiting from a diversion of young Indian tech workers from U.S. destinations, largely because of the challenges of obtaining and renewing H-1B visas and finding a reliable route to U.S. permanent residence,” said Peter Rekai, who founded the Toronto-based immigration law firm Rekai LLP.

While there are members of the Trump administration who are pushing for a Canada-style immigration policy, they have not had success with their plotting up to this point. President Trump’s policies on immigration have remained somewhat restrictive.

The recent U.S. Census report implores the country to open the flood gates for many more immigrants, and operatives from Washington D.C. think-tanks are echoing that line.

“Higher international immigration over the next four decades would produce a faster growing, more diverse, and younger population for the United States,” the Census report concluded.

“We desperately need immigration to keep our country growing and prosperous,” according to William Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution demographer who writes books on Census data.

“The reason we have a good growth rate in comparison to other developed countries in the world is because we’ve had robust immigration for the last 30 to 40 years,” he added.

Although Wall Street may be thrilled and GDP numbers may look impressive, ordinary Americans continue to suffer at the expense of this “growth” that is ballyhooed by the experts. Bigger corporate profits, helped along by mass immigration, mean lower wages for American workers.

As former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers Kevin Hassett explained last year, President Trump has shattered economic records because he has ignored the Washington D.C. consensus on how to grow the economy.

Mass immigration would jeopardize the incredible progress made by the Trump economy, despite what the corporate lobbyists may be saying.

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