Michelle Malkin Rips Charlie Kirk a New One for Flip-Flopping on Immigration

On March 19, 2020, Michelle Malkin called out Turning Point founder Charlie Kirk for his flip-flop on EB-5 visas.

Malkin quote tweeted Kirk, “Phony. You championed EB-5 for Chinese until TODAY despite decades of program’s bipartisan fraud, cronyism & natl security threats. “Pay for play” is your middle name. Sit this one out, son. @NickJFuentes @ChiefTrumpster #americafirst

She responded to Kirk’s original tweet where he said, “China infected the world, lied about it, tried to cover it up, and then blamed America It is time to end ALL “pay for play” entry from China to America This virus has changed everything. The Chinese ruling class can no longer be allowed to buy American influence.”


According to Politico, EB-5 visas are “offered to wealthy immigrants who invest money in the United States as it tries to boost a faltering economy amid the escalating coronavirus outbreak, according to four people familiar with the situation”

Under these visas, Chinese Communist Party oligarchs can essentially buy their way into the country and carve out little fiefdoms throughout America. They have used similar tactics in Australia and New Zealand.

Kirk has historically supported these visas until the Wuhan virus outbreak reached the U.S and it became clear that the Chinese government did a sloppy job at containing the virus. A politically convenient flip-flop if I say so myself.

Although Kirk’s change of heart on the issue of EB-5s is welcome, these visas are only one piece of the immigration puzzle.

Based on previous statements he’s made in the past, it’s likely that Kirk doesn’t support the full-blown immigration restriction measures America needs to get its migratory house in order.

Kirk is no ally to America First patriots.

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