Michelle Malkin Takes Never Trump Golden Boy Dan Crenshaw to School on Twitter

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin has recently caught flak for standing with America First advocates.

In recent weeks, America First supporters, colloquially known as “Groypers”, have asked young conservative leaders controversial questions concerning the realities of demographic shift and declining public morality in America.

In typical fashion, they have been dismissed as “racist” and “reactionary” not just by the Left but many figures on the Right.

Malkin was one of the few commentators who called out established conservatives like Charlie Kirk for regurgitating politically correct narratives.

She has even called out Congressman Dan Crenshaw, often viewed as the future of the Republican party, for his establishment posturing.

Crenshaw tweeted on November 17, 2019, “This poll is shocking. – 15% say the world would be better off if the Soviet Union still existed – Just 57% think the Declaration of Independence better guarantees freedom & equality than the Communist Manifesto We must better educate young Americans”, regarding a poll showing young Americans increasing support for socialist ideas. 

Malkin then responded to Crenshaw’s tweet stating, “Says the tool who calls kids racists; advocates for massive green card giveaways to cheap labor foreign workers who will vote overwhelming Democrat/socialist & carries ball for corporatist agenda destroying America.”

There is truth to Malkin’s statement.

On foundational issues such as hate speech and gun rights, mass migration does pose a major threat to civil liberties.

For example, the Cato Institute’s 2017 Free Speech and Tolerance Survey found that 58 percent of Hispanics believe that “Government should prevent people from engaging in hate speech against certain groups in public.”

Furthermore, the Pew Research Center found that “Majorities of Hispanics (75%)” believe that “it is more important to control gun ownership.”

Recent elections in 2018 demonstrated that districts with foreign-born populations above the national average went overwhelmingly for Democrats. 90 percent to be exact.

These are harsh facts that Conservatism Inc. must come to grips with in the ensuing decades.

Policies such as ending birthright citizenship, phasing out chain migration, restricting pathways to citizenship, fully-funding a border wall, and moving towards a merit-based immigration system should actually be on the table to address the mass migration.

However, Conservatism Inc. would rather bury its head in the sand and virtue signal about being “inclusive” when all the data suggest that continuing the post-1965 Immigration Act policy of mass migration will spell doom not only for the Republican Party but for the historic American nation.

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